If you do not have a traditional form of income, you may be turned down for many unsecured loans. However, even if you do not have a 9-5 job, you may still qualify to get a title loan with no income!

Some common forms of alternative income include:

  1. Tax Statements for Self-Employed Individuals
  2. Government Issued Income, Including SSI, and Disability Income
  3. Pension or Worker’s Compensation
  4. Retirement Income
  5. And More!

Your alternative income may still qualify for a title loan to help you get the cash you need. If you do not have a traditional 9-5 job but you still have access to consistent income, you could qualify for a loan with ChoiceCash Title Loans!1

How Can I Get a Title Loan with No Income?

Car title loans are known for flexible income requirements during the qualification process. They can be an advantage to the average borrower that needs emergency financial support with flexibility. Unlike traditional loans, title loans can offer a flexible approval process that can include:

  1. Borrowers that Do Not Work a 9-5
  2. Borrowers Without a Strong Credit History
  3. Borrowers that May Not Qualify for Unsecured Loans

Car title loans are obtained by collateral, which can help make the approval process much more flexible and secure. The collateral is the borrower’s title to their vehicle, and it can assume most of the risk to lend to a borrower without a strong credit history during the approval process.1 Even if you are not confident with your credit history, you may still qualify for a car title loan! If you are looking to get a title loan with no income, you may use your alternative income to qualify for the cash you need.1

What Documents Will I Need to Qualify for a Title Loan with No Income?

While a title loan can be one of the most flexible loans to apply for, there are still a few documents needed to secure your cash. These documents can help speed the inquiry process along and help a loan agent verify your information.

You can expect to need these documents handy, but you can submit them online via email or fax for your convenience:

  1. Proof of Income: While you do not need traditional income to qualify for a title loan, you will need some proof that you can afford a loan payment each month. Most borrowers will use pay stubs, bank statements, or other forms of alternative income to prove their income.
  2. Proof of Address: If you have recent mail laying around, it can be used to prove your address. Your voter’s registration card, recent credit card statements, or even a utility bill can be used.
  3. Recent Photos of the Vehicle: One of the many conveniences of ChoiceCash Title Loans is the ability to skip an in-person vehicle inspection! By taking a few photos of the back, front, sides, and odometer of your vehicle you can easily opt for an online inspection.
  4. Car Title: To qualify for a loan, it must be in your name.
  5. Photo ID: A government or state-issued ID is needed to verify your identity. While this may sound complicated, your driver’s license or passport are examples of an ID that is accepted.

What Alternative Income Will Qualify for a Title Loan?

Not everyone works a 9-5 job, and there are many different types of income out there. Alternative income can be used to qualify for cash! It is possible to get a title loan with no income that would qualify for a traditional loan.

Some of the most used forms of alternative income for a title loan are:

  1. Self-Employment
  2. Worker’s Compensation
  3. Pension or Retirement Income
  4. Annuity Payments
  5. SSI or Disability Income

While your income may not qualify for unsecured or traditional types of funding, it could still qualify for a car title loan!1

What is the Inquiry Process for a Title Loan?

Financial emergencies can pop up unexpectedly, and you may not always be prepared for the outcome. When that happens, a title loan can be the best solution for financial support!

ChoiceCash Title Loans has streamlined the inquiry process for a title loan, so you can expect it to be a fast way to get cash if you qualify.1

Take advantage of the three-step process:

  1. Submit a Loan Inquiry Online, or Over the Phone
  2. Send in Your Documents to Verify Your Information
  3. Get Approved and Collect Your Funds!

If your vehicle qualifies for the cash you need, you could get your funds in as little as one business day with ChoiceCash Title Loans!1

How Much Funding Can I Get Through a Title Loan with No Income?

The amount of funding you can get through a title loan will depend on two major factors:

  1. The Value of Your Vehicle
  2. Your Income or Ability to Repay the Loan

Eligibility for a title loan will also be based on these factors as well. The more value your vehicle has, the more you have to borrow from if you are able to afford the loan payment. A title loan can allow you to borrow cash, but it is almost solely based on the value of the vehicle and its equity. While you may not have traditional income, you can still access anywhere between 25%-75% of your vehicle’s value if you qualify for a car title loan!1

Where Can I Apply to Get a Title Loan with No Income?

Would you like to apply to get a title loan with no income from the comfort of your home? ChoiceCash Title Loans has a convenient online process that is fast and efficient!1 Get started on your title loan today by heading over to the website and filling out a short inquiry form. Or give a loan agent a personal call at 855-914-2945. Agents are available for extended hours seven days a week to answer all your title loan questions!