Car title loans are a preferable loan option for many people because they require basic qualification requirements and funding is fast. However, in order to qualify a potential borrower needs three key items, which are:

  • A qualifying car with positive equity
  • A car title in the applicants name
  • A reliable source of income

If you have everything except a car title in your name, don’t think that a car title loan is unobtainable. You could easily request to transfer a car title and obtain complete ownership of your car!

How to Start the Process to Transfer a Car Title

Sometimes cars are given as hand-me-downs by friends or family. If your car was a gift, then you likely do not have the car title in your name. Or perhaps you recently bought the car from a private seller and need to go through the process of finalizing the sale and transfer.

If you do not transfer a car title and get your name on the document, then in the eyes of the law, the car does not belong to you. Requesting a car title transfer is important because if your car is ever towed or in an accident, you may not be able to reclaim your car if the title is not in your name. You may also be unable to legally sell your car or trade it in for an upgrade. And using the car to obtain secure funding? Forget about it.

But don’t worry, as requesting to transfer a car title is easy and may not take very long! Though the individual steps may vary by state, generally you can expect the process to unfold like this:

  1. Find the Car Title: The first step involves finding your car title. Unfortunately, you cannot request to transfer a car title if you don’t have the physical document. If you need to obtain a duplicate copy because your car title is lost, you may do so at your local Department of Motor Vehicles.
  2. Get the Car Title Signed: In order to transfer a car title, the current owner of the car must sign the sellers section on the back of the car title and provide you with a bill of sale. Be sure that the signature is on the correct line though, because if it isn’t then there may be processing delays.
  3. Confirm the Required Documents: Once the car title is signed and you are ready to request a transfer, go online and verify you have the necessary paperwork before visiting a local Department of Motor Vehicles (“DMV”). It would be a hassle to go in person and then realize you are missing something. Generally, you may need a photo ID, completed transfer request form, and money for the transfer fee.
  4. Visit the DMV: Once you have the car title signed and youverify that you have all the necessary paperwork online, go ahead and visit your local DMV. An agent will verify your information and will likely give you a temporary car title with your name that same day. You could expect to receive your official car title through the mail within a few days.

Depending on your state, you could choose to transfer a car title through the mail instead of visiting a DMV in person. Making a transfer request through the mail could take longer though, so consider how much time you are willing to wait. Choose whichever method is most convenient for you!

How to Transfer a Car Title if the Document is Missing?

In order to transfer a car title, you must have the physical document on hand. If you have lost or misplaced the car title, then you will need to request a duplicate copy at your local DMV.

If the car title is not currently in your name, the current owner of the car must submit a car title replacement request. Once that individual pays the replacement fee and receives the duplicate copy, you could proceed with the process of transferring a car title.

How to Transfer a Car Title if More than One Name is Listed?

If you want to transfer a car title but there is more than one name on the car title, then each individual listed would need to sign the sellers section on the back of the car title to release ownership.

However, if you are attempting to obtain a car title loan when there is more than one name on the title, know that either party could inquire for emergency funding in most states. So if your spouse is listed on the car title, but you are the main inquirer for a loan, you may be able to start the approval process on your own.

Documents Required for a Car Title Loan After a Title Transfer?

Once you transfer a car title, you will satisfy the requirement of having a car title in your name for a car title loan! But in addition to the car title, you will also need a few other key documents in order for your information to be verified by a title loan agent.

The documents required may change depending on your unique situation, but usually you can expect to need the following:

  • Photo Identification: To prove your name belongs to your face, you will need to provide a car title loan agent with a government-issued photo ID. Potential borrowers typically provide a state ID, driver’s license, or passport.
  • Photos of the Car: For any type of car title loan, the value and condition of your car must be verified. But instead of having to undergo an in person car inspection, you could just submit photos of your car using your smartphone! Be sure to include every side of the car as well as the vehicle identification number.
  • Proof of Income: To show your ability to repay the car title loan on time each month, you will need to provide paperwork that shows your income. You could provide paycheck stubs, bank statements, government award letters, and more. If you are currently self-employed or unemployed, speak to a car title loan agent about your situation. You could still be able to qualify for emergency funding!1
  • Proof of Address: To prove your current residence, you may submit recent utility bills, insurance statements, credit card statements, a rental agreement, and more.
  • References: You could be asked to provide professional references, personal references, or a mix of both.

ChoiceCash Title Loans give eligible borrowers the opportunity to upload all of the required documentation online instead of in person or by mail. This makes the inquiry process quicker and far more convenient. Choose to scan your documents onto a computer or take clear photos using a smartphone.

Inquire for a Car Title Loan After a Title Transfer

If you are interested in obtaining a flexible car title loan after you transfer a car title, know that the inquiry process was designed for simplicity and speed. Title loans are a form of secure lending that use the car title as collateral in exchange for emergency cash. But don’t worry about the state of your car!

If you work with ChoiceCash Title Loans, you could keep driving your car throughout the repayment process! There is no need to plan your route to work, as you could continue using your car while making monthly payments.

Finding out if you’re qualified for a ChoiceCash Title Loan may only take 5 short minutes!1 By answering a few questions about your car, your vehicle could potentially get pre-approved! If your car is valuable, you could get a free estimate with no obligation!1

To use the online calculator, you will need to know your car’s make, model, style, year, and current mileage. Make sure that your information is correct, that way you get an accurate appraisal. If the potential car title loan amount you receive is satisfactory, you could just start the fast approval process!

A car title loan agent will ask you for your documents, which could be conveniently uploaded online. Once your information is verified and you are fully approved for emergency funding, your agent will draw up a car title loan agreement. You will go through the document in detail with the agent, and you could sign on the dotted line once all of your questions are answered.

Qualified borrowers could get their funds in as little as 24 hours!1 With ChoiceCash Title Loans, you could get low payments at the beginning that keep getting lower as you pay off the car title loan!2 No other emergency cash option rewards you for being a responsible borrower!

Inquire for a ChoiceCash Title Loan once you transfer the car title to obtain financial stability!