General Information

If you are not already familiar with title loans, you may have some questions you want answered. Such as, what is an auto title loan and how can you qualify for a ChoiceCash Title Loan serviced by LoanMart. With this FAQ guide, you’ll be able to find the answers you’ve been searching for.

Absolutely! Simply fill out a small prequalification form and get started on the next steps.

Borrowers choose ChoiceCash Title Loans for a number of reasons, but some of the most notable are the benefits that come with the funds. Borrowers can have access to their funds in one business day and can expect to experience quality customer service throughout the entire process.¹

An auto title loan is a secured loan that uses the value of your car to get you funding. Since it is a secured loan, borrowers with higher valued collateral can potentially receive higher funding amounts by borrowing off of the value in their car, versus a traditional loan that relies on credit to secure larger sums of cash. Title loans can be a helpful financial solution in a multitude of ways, especially if you are a borrower in need of fast cash.

As a flexible loan with unique terms, a title loan can be the better option. Other alternatives like payday loans only offer small cash amounts and short repayment terms. In comparison, title loans can potentially offer higher funding amounts, and give you more time to repay your loan if needed.¹

Loan Qualification

If your credit is less than ideal, don’t worry. Credit is not the most important factor in the approval process with ChoiceCash Title Loans. Applicants from all credit histories can potentially be approved for a title loan!¹

The list of documents you’ll need to qualify is short. To be eligible for a title loan, you’ll need to submit these documents:

  • Proof of Income
  • Proof of Residency
  • Government or State Issued ID
  • Photos of the Vehicle
  • Title to the Vehicle

The minimum requirements for a title loan are:

  • Borrowers Must Be 18 Years of Age or Older
  • Borrowers Will Need to Have a Title in Their Name
  • Borrowers Must Provide Proof of Income or Alternative Income
  • Collateral Must Have Market Value

Yes! Your Social Security, disability or retirement benefits can qualify as alternative proof of income for your loan.

One of the great conveniences of a ChoiceCash Title Loan is that qualified borrowers can get their funding in as little as one business day.¹

Responsible borrowers that make timely payments can keep driving their vehicle as they normally would! As opposed to a pawn loan, a vehicle title loan allows the borrower to maintain possession of the asset that is used to secure the loan.

Typically, you’ll be able to receive 25%-50% of your car’s equity if you qualify. Why not check out the title loan calculator and get a quote for your car?

Car Qualifications

Not necessarily. If you have a few payments left, or you are close to the end of your existing loan term, you could still use your vehicle as collateral.

Yes, the title to your vehicle needs to be in your name. If it is not, you can transfer the title to your name at your closest DMV.

Approval Process & Payments

With ChoiceCash Title Loans, borrowers can expect access to some of the most competitive rates in the industry.

One of the biggest benefits of choosing ChoiceCash Loans is convenience. For borrowers, the process can be broken down into three simple steps:

  1. Fill out a Loan Inquiry Online: The easiest way to get started for a loan is to go online and fill out a short prequalification questionnaire. This can take just five minutes to do!
  2. Submit the Required Documents: These are likely things you already have laying around, and they can be submitted online via fax or email for your convenience.
  3. Get Approved: Once you’ve got everything submitted, borrowers can get approved in just over thirty minutes!¹

After receiving approval for a loan, borrowers have a few different methods to pick from:

  • Check in the Mail
  • Wire Transfer or Direct Deposit
  • Debit Card deposit
  • Pick up your funds at any participating Money Transfer Location nearby

Of course! Unlike other loans, your money is your own to spend once you’ve been approved.

You’ll only need a bank account if a Wire Transfer or Direct Deposit is your desired method to receive your funds. Otherwise, you won’t need to share account information or have a bank account at all.