If you’re an Ohio resident, you may be wondering how to find the emergency funds you need. You may be considering using your vehicle as collateral for an auto title loan, but don’t know how to proceed or even if it’s legal. Fortunately, in Ohio, a ChoiceCash Auto Title Loan, serviced by LoanMart, is not only legal, but is also safe, and can get you the money you need within 24 hours or less.1

What is an Auto Title Loan?

An auto title loan is a way for you to easily borrow money by using your vehicle as collateral. A lender will evaluate your vehicle and then make you a loan offer, based upon how much they feel your car is worth.

The value is primarily based upon your vehicle’s make, model, mileage and year, but also takes into account its physical condition. While small dents and scratches aren’t usually a problem, the value could be adversely affected by larger dents and damage.

You are, of course, welcome to apply with any number of lenders to get the best offer, as you’re not committed to any lender until you sign the loan agreement.

Once the loan is funded, the lender will then apply a lien to the vehicle’s title. This means they can claim a stake in it. If, for example, your car is written off in an accident, the insurance company is legally required to pay the lienholder first.

Likewise, you won’t be able to sell the car while the lender has their lien on the title – your loan must be repaid in full first. Once that happens, the lender will remove their lien and you’re free to sell or transfer ownership of your vehicle.

Where Can I Get an Auto Title Loan in Ohio?

When it comes to auto title loans, there are a lot of potential lenders on the market and it can be hard to know who to trust. Fortunately, there’s one lender with a proven track record who can potentially help you.

A ChoiceCash Auto Title Loan, serviced by LoanMart, has been trusted by thousands of borrowers – not just in Ohio, but across the entire United States. Besides offering generous loan amounts and competitive rates, a ChoiceCash Auto Title Loan can reward you by lowering your monthly payments.2

When you make your monthly payments on time, your annual interest rate can be reduced, which, in turn, causes your next monthly payment to drop too. 2 Continue to make your payments on time and your rate could be reduced even further, with your monthly payment dropping as a result.2

Make your payments on time throughout the lifetime of the loan and you could see your payments nearly cut in half!1 2

If you find yourself needing additional emergency funds in the future, a ChoiceCash Auto Title Loan can give you the opportunity to potentially borrow more.1

Lastly, if you’d like to pay off your loan early, you’re free to do so! There are no prepayment penalties or closing costs and no hidden charges, fees or balloon payments.

How Do I Qualify for a ChoiceCash Auto Title Loan?

Applying for a ChoiceCash Auto Title Loan, serviced by LoanMart, couldn’t be easier. Simply go to www.choicecash.com or call 855-422-7402 toll-free to get started. After answering a few basic questions about yourself and your car, you’ll find out in minutes if you’re pre-qualified and how much you could potentially borrow.1

At this point you’ll speak to a loan specialist who’ll then review your options and explain the next steps. They’ll need to run a credit check, but there’s no cause for alarm if you don’t have the greatest score. Your approval is primarily based upon the value of your vehicle, rather than your credit. So, unlike the other lenders who’ll deny you based purely on your score, you could still get the money you need!

What Documents Do I Need for a ChoiceCash Auto Title Loan?

Once you’ve been approved, you’ll only need to provide a few documents and you’ll be on your way to getting your cash! These include:

  • Proof of Income – pay stubs, bank statements or even government award letters are fine.
  • Proof of Residence – almost any mail with your name and physical address.
  • Proof of Ownership – you’ll need to show your vehicle title has you listed as an owner.
  • References – either personal or professional. They are not contacted during the application process.

You’ll also need to submit photos of the front, back and sides of the vehicle, as well as the odometer and VIN. This is so the loan specialist can verify the condition of your car, its mileage and that the VIN matches the VIN printed on the title.

Another great thing about a ChoiceCash Auto Title Loan, serviced by LoanMart, is that you won’t need to drive your vehicle anywhere for an inspection. The photos and documents can all be submitted electronically; for example, via a secure website, email or even SMS text message!

How Soon Can I Get My Money With a ChoiceCash Auto Title Loan?

Once all your documents are submitted and reviewed, it only remains for you to sign the loan agreement. Again, there’s no need to drive to any physical location or store – you can sign everything online and be done in minutes.1

It then only remains for you to get your cash, and there are a couple of options here too. You could, for example, have the money transferred directly into your bank account, or you could even pick up your money at a participating money transfer location near you.

The whole process is designed to be as quick and easy as possible and can often be completed in 24 hours or less – and without ever leaving the comfort of your own home. 1 Depending upon when you apply and how quickly you can submit your documents, you could even have your money the same day and within just a few hours.1

If you have a financial emergency, you shouldn’t have to jump through hoops and wait days to get your money. To get started, go to choicecash.com or call 855-422-7402 toll-free. You could find out in minutes if you’re approved and could be holding your cash in your hand in hours!1