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There are all sorts of alternative loan options throughout Cleveland, Ohio. You might be wondering: How can I find the right loan for my financial situation? While this is a valid question, it can be easily solved. When it comes to alternative funding options, there’s no better solution than ChoiceCash Title Loans in Cleveland, Ohio.1

Why Choose a Title Loan for Funding in Cleveland, Ohio?

When a lot of options exist, it is easy to get overwhelmed. Many different types of funding options are available to residents of Cleveland. However, some are more beneficial than others. Title loans can be the ideal financial resources for many residents.

Title loans, otherwise known as auto equity loans, are secured loans that use collateral. Using your title as collateral opens many financial and convenient benefits, since it then becomes a secured loan.

Some of the most beneficial factors of a secured loan such as a title loan are:

  1. Flexible Loan Approval: Since collateral is being used to secure the loan, many title loan lenders may be lenient when it comes to loan approval. Those from all credit and financial backgrounds can potentially qualify for a loan! This is due to the collateral’s value being more important in the approval process than a borrower’s credit history.
  2. Lower Interest Rates: The lender will take less financial risk if there is collateral or an asset involved in a loan. Most secured loans offer lower rates in comparison to other unsecured lending!
  3. Larger Funding Amounts: Again, since collateral is involved in the approval process for a title loan, there is potential for borrowers to have access to higher funding amounts! If your collateral has more value, there is potential to get more cash.1
How Do I Know if my Car has Enough Equity for a Title Loan in Cleveland? 

In order to qualify for a title loan, a borrower must have a vehicle with a certain amount of equity. One question that borrowers often have during their title loan search is: how do I know if my car will qualify?

Generally, a title loan lender will offer anywhere from 25%-75% of your vehicle’s equity. Most borrowers aren’t aware of their vehicle’s equity offhand, but there are many resources to find out your vehicle’s equity and see if it meets the qualifications:

  1. ChoiceCash Loans Online Loan Inquiry 
  2. Kelley Bluebook Online
  3. Dealership Appraisal

Whichever avenue you choose to find out your funding, it can be helpful to have ahead of time! Knowing your vehicle’s value can be helpful for resale, or for a loan.

Does a Title Loan Affect my Credit Score in Ohio?

One of the biggest concerns that borrowers in Cleveland, Ohio have during their loan search is about their credit. They might be thinking: Will it affect my score?

While this is a valid concern, there is some nuance to think about. With any loan, your credit will be affected. Your score is largely dependent on three factors, which include your:

  1. Credit Utilization
  2. Ability to Pay on Time
  3. New Lines of Credit 
Can I Get a Title Loan Online in Cleveland, Ohio? 

One of the biggest conveniences when choosing an auto equity loan for funding is the ability to get it online! With loan options like ChoiceCash Title Loans serviced by LoanMart, borrowers can get their loan online in three simple steps1:

  1. Go Online First: To get started on your loan, future borrowers will just need to fill out a short loan inquiry form. This can take just a few minutes to do, and will help determine if you are initially eligible for the loan.1 Simply fill out a few questions about your vehicle, and your basic personal information.
  2. Send in a Few Documents: After your initial inquiry form has been submitted, you will be prompted to send in a couple documents online to see if you qualify. Borrowers in Cleveland, Ohio will need to have these documents handy:
    • Proof of Income
    • Evidence of Permanent Residence
    • Recent Photos of the Vehicle
    • State or Government Issued ID
    • Four References
    • Title of the Vehicle
  1. See if You Qualify: After submitting your documents, the last step is to find out if you qualify. A loan representative will reach out and inform you of your status! After becoming eligible, the last step is for borrowers to decide how they would like to get their funds. For Cleveland, Ohio residents, they can choose between:
    • Check Through the Mail
    • Direct Deposit to their Desired Bank Account
    • Any Local MoneyGram in Cleveland
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