If you’re experiencing tough times and need quick cash, an Ohio title loan may be the answer to your financial troubles. By qualifying for ChoiceCash title loans in Parma, Ohio, the money you need to cover bills or handle unexpected expenses can be right at your fingertips.1

Parma car title loans are a type of secured loan where you can use your vehicle’s title as collateral for the loan. Since the loan is secured, the application process can be more flexible. Your credit score is not the primary factor that is used by title lenders to determine your eligibility for funding. Instead, the key considerations are the value of your vehicle and your ability to repay the loan. As a prospective title loan borrower in Parma, know that if you qualify for a vehicle-secured loan, you can still drive your vehicle during the repayment period if you prioritize repaying your loan on time each month. Whether you are applying from Parma, Akron, Hamilton, Toledo, or another city in Ohio, you can easily apply for a ChoiceCash title loan serviced by LoanMart and access fast funding if you qualify.1

Keep reading to explore how Parma title loans work, what you’ll need to get approved, and how quickly you can access your title loan money if you are eligible for a loan!1


While title loans are allowed in Ohio, you’ll need to meet the initial application requirements and provide the right documentation to get approved for quick funding.1

The first requirement is that you must have proof of a steady source of income to ensure that you have the ability to pay back your loan. Not everyone has a 9-5 job, and if you do not receive regular pay stubs from an employer but have an alternative source of income (such as disability income, retirement income, etc.), you can provide proof of it during your title loan application.1

In terms of the other requirements, you’ll need to be of legal age and have a title to a qualifying car in your name to secure funding through a title loan in Parma, Ohio. A car, truck, or SUV with a sufficient amount of positive equity will qualify as collateral for a title loan. Your vehicle will have positive equity if its market value is greater than the amount you still owe on the vehicle. During your loan request, your vehicle will be virtually inspected to verify its value and overall condition. When applying for a ChoiceCash title loan, you’ll be asked to submit several pictures of your vehicle, along with a few documents to verify your income and other pertinent information. Simply complete an online prequalification form to learn more about the value of your vehicle and get a title loan quote with no obligation today! Call 855-422-7402 to speak to a ChoiceCash title loan agent directly and learn more about applying for a quick loan in Ohio!1

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Before applying for a Parma title loan, start gathering the items listed below because you will need these documents to verify your information and get approved for funding:1

Proof of Identification

First and foremost, you’ll need a valid, government-issued photo ID card to verify your age and identity, such as an Ohio driver’s license, state ID card, or U.S. passport. 

Vehicle Title and Photos

A Parma title loan is secured by the title of your vehicle, so it must be in your name at the time of the loan application. If you are applying for an online title loan, you’ll be asked to provide several photographs of your vehicle in order to complete a virtual vehicle inspection. 

Proof of Income and Address

Gather a recent pay stub, bank statement, or proof of alternative income in order to show that you have the ability to repay a Parma car title loan. Additionally, to prove your current address in Parma, Ohio, find a recent utility bill, credit card statement, or a recent lease agreement and be prepared to submit that with the rest of your documents. 

Everything can be easily uploaded online when applying for a ChoiceCash title loan serviced by LoanMart in Parma, Ohio. By gathering these documents ahead of time, you’ll be better prepared to start your application!1


If you are considering applying for a Parma car title loan, you will be pleased to know that there are many benefits that come with qualifying for a ChoiceCash title loan in Parma, including the fact that you can fill out a short online form and instantly find out if you are pre-approved for funding.1

Aside from the fact that the application process is quick and easy, you can also submit all of the required documents online or send them through text message to a ChoiceCash title loan agent with no hassle at all. On top of this, if you obtain final approval, you can receive your title loan funds as soon as the next business day! You have a multitude of ways you can receive your funds, including through direct deposit, a check in the mail, or simply adding your funds to an existing debit card. Because the application process is so straightforward and speedy, getting the funds you need to handle a financial crisis can be streamlined.1


If you need emergency cash, you will likely want to know how long the title loan application process takes. While the exact amount of time it will take to apply for a Parma title loan and receive your funding will depend on a few different things, here are a few key factors that will give you a good idea of your own application timeline:1

  1. General Funding Timeline

While it is possible to be instantly pre-approved for a Parma title loan online, keep in mind that a lender still needs to verify your documentation, check your credit, and virtually inspect your vehicle through photographs to determine its value during your application. These processes can happen quickly, but it depends on whether you are applying during normal business hours, how fast you provide the documents, whether your documents are valid, and if your vehicle photos are taken in clear lighting to accurately show its overall condition. In some cases, it is possible for you to receive your funding the same day you apply for a Parma title loan!1

  1. Factors that May Affect Processing Time

If you are applying for a title loan outside of normal business hours, you’ll need to factor that in when submitting your initial application online. Additionally, the completeness and accuracy of your application will play a part in how efficient the processing time can be. Make sure all of your documents are valid in order to potentially expedite your loan request. Otherwise, you will be asked to resubmit documents to verify your information, and that may set you back a few hours!1

  1. Tips and Tricks for a Smooth and Easy Loan Process: 

If you are looking to receive your funds as soon as possible, review the items listed below to learn how to access a breezy loan application process:1

  • Make Sure You Have All Required Documents in Your Possession Before Applying
  • Inspect Your Vehicle And Ensure That it is in Good Working Condition
  • Review Your Loan Application and Verify That All of The Information You Provide is Accurate
  • Choose a Reputable Title Loan Company With a Streamlined Application Process

By taking into consideration these tips and tricks, you are well on your way to a seamless title loan application process in Parma, Ohio!1

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Life has a tendency to throw curveballs your way, and you may not be financially prepared for unexpected hardship during the repayment process. If you are struggling to make a title loan payment, do not be discouraged! It is important to remember that proactively working on this issue is the key to solving it and potentially avoiding vehicle repossession. Since car title loans are secured loans, the lender can legally repossess your vehicle if you default on your Parma title loan.

If you are having trouble repaying your title loan, consider the following options: 

  1. Reach Out to your Loan Servicer or Lender: If you are worried about missing a payment, it is important that you reach out to your lender or loan servicer as soon as possible. Many lenders prefer to avoid vehicle repossession and work with you to find a solution if you reach out to them prior to defaulting on your loan.
  2. Seek Extra Financial Assistance: If you are having trouble making your payments, take a step back and consider your options. Ask your friends and family for help, or consider getting a temporary second job to help you make ends meet during the repayment process.

Defaulting on a title loan has serious consequences, which can include the repossession of your vehicle. By getting ahead of the situation and taking proactive steps, you can try to avoid the potential consequences and enjoy the benefits of a Parma title loan!1


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