On the northeastern edge of the Buckeye State lies the city of Akron, which is known for many important developments in manufacturing and medical research. The U.S. Census Bureau recently reported that the population of this important city is slowly decreasing, however. Additionally, some residents may be struggling with debt! According to the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, over 13% of the population is in severely delinquent debt. Debt can affect many different aspects of your life, including your mental health and your ability to qualify for traditional bank loans and credit cards. If you are looking for extra funds to handle household expenses or other financial issues and need emergency cash fast, car title loans in Akron, Ohio, could be a solution. With a car title loan, a qualified applicant will use their car title as collateral for the loan and unlock emergency funding.1

Typically, you will be able to access anywhere from 25%-50% of your vehicle’s total value through a car title loan if you meet the necessary criteria and provide the correct documentation during your loan request. Depending on your income and the current market value of your vehicle, you could get up to $15,000 through an Ohio title loan!1

Through ChoiceCash title loans serviced by LoanMart, applying for car title loans near you in Akron, Ohio, can be a seamless process. Call 855-422-7402 or keep reading to learn more about applying for this type of secured loan option that allows you to borrow against the value of your car.1


As a resident of this historic state who needs fast cash, you might be wondering if title loans are allowed in Ohio. It is possible to apply for car title loans in Akron, Ohio! There are a few important steps, documents, and application criteria that you should be aware of before you embark on this journey, however. The initial title loan requirements in Akron can vary depending on the lender or title loan company you choose to work with, but they are usually as follows:1

  1. Be at Least 18 Years of Age
  2. Have a Title to a Qualifying Car, Truck, or SUV in Your Name
  3. Be Able to Demonstrate Your Ability to Repay the Akron Title Loan

If you aren’t sure whether or not you can meet the initial criteria for a vehicle title loan, just call 855-422-7402 and speak directly to a ChoiceCash title loan agent. They are there to help walk you through your loan request so it can be hassle-free and convenient. Do you have any questions about the application process for an online title loan in Akron? Keep reading to learn more about the steps you must take and the documents you will need to have on hand to apply for online title loans with no phone calls!1

Title Loans Akron, Ohio


The approval process for an online title loan in Akron, Ohio, does not need to be complex and can be summarized into three main steps that are listed below!1

Get Started Online

Whether you are applying from Canton, Youngstown, Akron, or Cleveland, you can begin your application online by filling out a short questionnaire or over the phone by calling a title loan officer! Both options can be quick and convenient and may only take a few minutes. You won’t be able to get instant approval for title loans in Akron, but you can instantly find out if you are pre-approved for a ChoiceCash title loan serviced by LoanMart.1

Submit Your Documents

If you are initially approved for a U.S. auto title loan, the next step is to gather your documents and submit them online or send them to a title loan representative through email or text message. You will not be able to get instant online title loans in Akron because a title loan officer will need to thoroughly review these documents before you can move on to the last step of your application. It isn’t humanely possible for this evaluation to be completed in an instant! You should prepare to submit the following documents during your application for Akron title loans:1

  • OH Vehicle Title: Since your vehicle’s title is the collateral for the loan, it is important that it is in your name and in your possession at the time of your application. A lien will be added to your car’s title by the title lender after the loan is complete. However, after you have successfully paid off your loan, the lien is released! It is possible to drive your vehicle throughout the repayment process, even if it has a lien on its title.If you have lost or misplaced the physical copy of your vehicle’s title, you can request a duplicate title by visiting the Summit County Title Office in Akron.
  • Proof of Identity and Age: Ohio residents who are applying for a title loan are required to submit a valid, government-issued identification card to verify their identity and prove whether they are of legal age to obtain a car title loan. Valid forms of identification can be an Ohio driver’s license, an Ohio-issued ID card, or a U.S. passport. If you are looking to obtain an Ohio state identification card, you can apply for this at any local Deputy Registrar License Agency. There is a $10.00 fee to get a card that is valid for 4 years or a $19.00 fee to get a card that is valid for 8 years.
  • Proof of Current Residence in Ohio: You must submit recent utility bills, credit card statements, or another piece of official mail to prove your current address in Akron.
  • Car Information and Recent Photographs: During this step, you will be asked to prepare a few clear photos of your car and upload them with the rest of your paperwork. Photos of your car’s exterior and interior will be used to examine your vehicle and determine its total market value. The lender will also want to verify basic information about your car, including its make, model, year, and current mileage listed on its odometer. For your reference, getting title loans with no inspection in Akron isn’t possible, but with ChoiceCash title loans, the inspection can be easily completed online by submitting these required photographs.1
  • Proof of Steady Income: Since your income is one of the primary factors that is used by a title lender to determine your loan amount and eligibility, this is an important document to have on hand. Submit recent bank statements, pay stubs, or another qualifying document during the approval process to prove your ability to repay the loan.1

As a prospective borrower, you should gather the required documents in advance. It is important to verify that you have all documentation on hand before you begin your loan inquiry, as requesting copies of lost or misplaced documents can take time. However, one of the advantages of applying for a ChoiceCash title loan serviced by LoanMart is that all of these documents can be conveniently submitted online!1

Get Your Funding

Upon final approval, the last step is to choose how to get your funds and then sign your electronic loan contract. If you are applying for payday loans or personal loans, you will need a bank account to access your funding – but a title loan can offer you other ways to receive your loan proceeds! While it is possible to get ChoiceCash title loans with direct deposit in Akron, there are other ways to get your funding that do not require a bank account. If you are eligible for a title loan, you can also pick up your money at any participating money transfer location in Akron. But, if you do choose to receive your loan proceeds via direct deposit to your bank account, you can access your funds in as little as one business day! In some cases, qualified individuals can get their funds the same business day they apply. Additionally, eligible borrowers can secure competitive interest rates through ChoiceCash title loans, and there are no hidden fees or prepayment penalties to be concerned about.1


If you are one of the many Akron residents with severely delinquent debt, you may not have a strong credit score. Therefore, applying for a loan can seem like a daunting task. A credit score is a three-digit number that is calculated based on information gathered from your credit reports. Typically, most title lenders will conduct a credit check on an applicant and review their financial history during a loan application to determine how likely a person is to repay a loan. While it is possible to increase your credit score by changing your financial habits, this is a gradual process that takes time.

While you may be feeling insecure about your credit score, know that it is possible to qualify for a car title loan in Akron, even with bad credit! Since title loans are backed by collateral, applicants from various financial backgrounds can apply online and find out if they are eligible for a title loan with a bad credit score. If you are ready to apply for fast cash, you can call 855-422-7402 to learn more about applying for bad credit title loans in Akron, Ohio.1


Applying for title loans without a store visit in Akron is possible! With ChoiceCash title loans, no store visit is required to find out if you are eligible for the money you need to handle unexpected expenses and get back on your feet. Simply fill out a short prequalification form online today or call a title loan officer at 855-422-7402 to get started! Accessing competitive interest rates is also possible if you are eligible, so why wait to see if you qualify for an Akron title loan?1

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can You Still Get Title Loans in Ohio?

    Yes, Ohio residents can apply for title loans online! If you have a title to a qualifying vehicle in your name and can demonstrate the ability to repay your loan, you may qualify for a ChoiceCash title loan. There’s no hassle, and no store visit is required!1

    What are the Benefits of a Title Loan in Akron, Ohio?

    With ChoiceCash title loans in Akron, Ohio, you can take advantage of these benefits if you qualify:1

    • Apply Online From the Comfort of Your Home
    • Keep Your Car
    • Bad Credit is Ok1
    • Payments May Decrease2
    • Get Your Money in as Little as 24 Hours if You Qualify1

    If I Qualify for a Title Loan in Akron, Ohio, Will it Hurt My Credit?

    If you miss a loan payment, that will hurt your credit score. Fortunately, there are many ways to repay a ChoiceCash title loan! You can set up an automatic withdrawal from your bank account, pay by phone, send a check in the mail, or visit a participating money transfer location in Akron.1

    What Is the Application Process Like for a Title Loan in Akron, Ohio?

    You can conveniently begin your application for an online title loan in Akron, Ohio, by using your smartphone or computer! You can also call 855-422-7402 to speak with a title loan agent directly. Qualified borrowers could be approved within the same day as inquiring!1

    How Quickly Can I Get Approved for a Title Loan in Akron, Ohio?

    In some cases, eligible applicants may receive approval for a title loan within the same business day as applying! The inquiry process can be quick and straightforward as long as you meet the initial requirements and submit the correct documents.1

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