Moving, whether to a new apartment or into your dream home, is exciting! But there are various costs to be considered when moving to a new location. To calculate how much moving is truly going to cost you, keep in mind what items and services you need to save for.

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Moving Calculator: Moving Fees and Costs to Keep in Mind

There are numerous costs to keep in mind when moving. If you are trying to calculate how much money moving is going to cost you, then keep the following expenses in mind:

Moving Supplies

Moving supplies include boxes, packing tape, mattress bags, gloves, packing peanuts, and more. If you want to save money on movers, then you may also need moving and lifting equipment such as a utility dolly or a furniture dolly. Some of these items may be borrowed from friends and family, which can save you a bit of money. If you want to transport your belongings safely and easily, it’s best not to skip out on any necessary moving supplies.


Friends and family are the go-to movers when you need to relocate your belongings to a new residence. But unfortunately, schedules do not always align and you may need to hire movers. The cost of movers depends on your location, schedule, and the number of workers needed. Movers generally charge per hour for each worker, and the average total cost of a local move is $600 to $1,650.

Moving Vans/Trucks

If you decide not to hire movers, you may need to pay for a truck or van rental. The cost for a rental can vary, but generally depends on the size vehicle you need and how many miles you travel. If you pick up the vehicle at a specific location but need to drop it off at a different one, you may get charged an extra fee. The average price to rent a moving truck is $130 to $1,780.

Necessary Moving Costs

In addition to physically moving your items, you must take into account the cost of living in a new space. These costs include internet and cable activation fees, utilities, building fees, pet fees, lock replacements, and more. All of these can be called necessary moving expenses since you need these services to work and live comfortably.

Decoration Costs when Moving

When moving to a new residence, you may also want to decorate your new living space so it’s comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. You may want new paint, wallpaper, hardware, lighting, security devices, etc. These changes, though sometimes unnecessary, can make you feel at home and complete the moving process.

All of these individual costs aren’t much on their own, but when you use a calculator to add up the total cost, you can find yourself facing quite a moving bill.

How to Get Money for the Costs of Moving

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If you are moving soon, and use a calculator to determine how much moving will cost you, you may be overwhelmed with the total. But if you don’t currently have the savings to pay for everything you need to make a smooth transition, consider a title loan!

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