While there are several ways to go about transferring a car title in the state of Washington, it depends on why you need a title transfer in the first place. Some common reasons why people need car title transfers in Washington are:

  • When buying a vehicle in a private sale
  • When selling a vehicle in a private sale
  • When buying a vehicle from a WA dealership
  • When giving a vehicle to a friend or family member as a gift
  • When receiving a vehicle as inheritance

Typically, any agent at a Washington Vehicle Licensing Office will have the ability to walk you through the car title transfer process. However, there are some documents you may want to gather first. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about how to transfer a car title in Washington state!

What to do Before you Transfer a Car Title in Washington

Before transferring a car title in Washington, the individual driving away with the car and vehicle title should make proper arrangements for license plates. Since it’s against the law to drive a vehicle without registered plates in Washington, anybody driving a car wants to make sure they have up-to-date license plates. If you are selling a vehicle and would like replacement plates, or temporary plates, you can contact your local vehicle licensing office to arrange for plates to be sent.

Vehicles on the road in Washington also require registration and tabs. Registration is required to ensure that vehicles have proper records, emissions test, and abide by Washington vehicle standards and laws. When a car has been registered, the owner will receive stickers, or tabs to put on their car. Tabs are simply a sticker displayed on vehicles to indicate they have up-to-date registration. Before you transfer a car title in your name in Washington, you want to make sure you have made arrangements for the vehicle to receive proper registration and tabs.

What to Do to Transfer a Car Title in Washington When Buying a Car in a Private Sale

Do you need to transfer a car title in Washington because you are buying a car in a private sale? Here are the documents you will need in order to transfer a car title in Washington:

  • Odometer Disclosure – there should be an Odometer Disclosure section on the original vehicle title of the car you are purchasing. This section must be filled out by the seller of the vehicle. If the owner/seller of the vehicle cannot locate their vehicle title, they can request an Odometer Disclosure form from a state vehicle licensing office. However, if the vehicle being sold is more than 10 years old, this documentation is not required.
  • Bill of Sale – documentation of the vehicle sale that features the date of the sale, as well as the price paid for the vehicle. This document is important because it will be used to calculate taxes later in the year.
  • WA Vehicle Title Application – the buyer and seller must complete a vehicle title application, and sign it. The application must either be signed at a notary or signed at a vehicle licensing office in Washington.

To avoid fees, you want to make sure the vehicle title is transferred to your name within 15 from the day you purchase the vehicle. If you wait longer than 15 days, there is a $50 fee added on day 16, and $2 a day every day after that until fees reach $125.

How to Transfer a Car Title in Washington When Selling a Car in a Private Sale

Furthermore, if the vehicle is being gifted, a bill of sale still must be completed. In this circumstance the sale price of the vehicle would simply be zero.

The process for a car title transfer in Washington when someone is selling a car in a private sale is mostly dependent on the buyer, but it’s a good idea for the seller to make sure everything is done properly. If the vehicle title is not properly transferred, the seller would be held liable for any damages, violations, or crimes committed with the vehicle in the future. To avoid being liable for actions they didn’t commit, the seller should make sure that the vehicle title transfer is complete and final within 15 days of the vehicle sale date.

How do Car Title Transfers Work in Washington When you Buy a Car from a Dealership?

Conveniently, when you purchase a vehicle from a dealership in Washington, the Dealership is responsible for transferring a car title into the buyer’s name. Keep in mind there may be a few fees associated with the dealership transferring a car title in your name.

ChoiceCash Title Loans and Transferred Car Titles in Washington

Once you have a vehicle title in your name, you have the freedom to take advantage of the benefits of being a vehicle owner! That includes having full responsibility for your car, and the ability to inquire about title loans. Title loans are a special kind of loan available to car owners with a qualifying vehicle title in their name.

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