Many pieces that go into a car to make it run efficiently and function at its best. While the average car owner may not need to know all the bits and pieces of equipment, an important piece that contributes to the longevity of your vehicle is an accessory drive belt. This piece of equipment affects other accessories in the engine of your vehicle, including:

  1. The Water Pump
  2. The Alternator
  3. The Power Steering Pump
  4. The Air Conditioner Compressor

From time to time, this belt will break, and need repairs to keep up the function of your vehicle. While this can be expensive, loan options like ChoiceCash Title Loans have your back in a financial emergency!1

What is an Accessory Drive Belt and What Do I Need to Know About it as Vehicle Owner?

As a vehicle owner, you do not need to know the function of every piece of your car- leave that to the professionals! There are a few pieces of your vehicle that are important, however, and the accessory drive belt is one of them. This piece of equipment contributes to a lot of significant parts of your engine, and if it breaks, it can be unfortunate.

Typically, an accessory drive belt can last around 45,000-75,000 miles depending on how much your car is driven, and what type of vehicle you own. While accessory drive belts are made of strong rubber and do resist friction, they can break or get worn out over time. Accessory belts are one of the most used pieces in your car, as they are on for the entire time your vehicle is running.

What Can I Do if My Accessory Drive Belt Breaks?

Unfortunately, your vehicle will often need repairs, or your accessory drive belt may break. There are a few signs that will let you know if your accessory drive belt needs to be replaced:

  1. Cracks in the Belt: While the belt is made of strong rubber, high temperature changes may crack the belt. These small cracks may seem insignificant, but they will eventually lead to your belt needing to be replaced.
  2. Damage: If the sidewalls or other places on the belt are frayed, this is a sign that your belt is on its last legs. This could cause a major malfunction and damage the belt! If you see frayed edges anywhere, it is time to make an appointment with the mechanic.
  3. Lumps or Uneven Wear: If you hear a thumping noise under the hood, it’s time to check the belt! This is usually caused by lumps or uneven wear on the accessory belt that is causing it to malfunction.

If your accessory drive breaks or is facing major wear and tear, it is time to get it replaced! Typically, the cost of an accessory drive belt replacement can be anywhere from $100-$315 depending on the labor costs and vehicle. While it may be possible for you to replace the belt yourself, it can be difficult to accomplish without some knowledge of your car. Not all vehicles are the same when it comes to repairs and part placement!

Can a Title Loan Help Pay for My Car Repairs?

The more a vehicle is driven, the more it will often need to be repaired. Unfortunately, car repairs are often not cheap! The bill for vehicle repair often includes items like:

  1. Labor
  2. The Cost of the Part Ordered
  3. Upcharge

These charges may vary depending on the mechanic you visit and the cost of the parts. When a particular part is in demand, the prices may rise, causing your mechanic bill to be pricier. While you may not be able to control the cost of your accessory drive belt replacement, you could get a title loan to cover the cost of it!

If you have a paid-off or close-to-paid-off vehicle, you can use your car’s title to get cash!1 A broken accessory belt can cause your engine to overheat, or it will mess up your alternator. Both of those repairs are much more costly in the long run, and it is important to tackle your accessory drive belt repairs early before that happens.

With a title loan, you may be able to use your funds to cover those repairs and avoid any big damage to your vehicle! Typically, a car title loan will allow you to borrow anywhere from 25%-75% of your car’s value. The more your car is worth, the more you may be able to borrow through a car title loan if your income supports it. Title loans are fast collateral-based loans that can help borrowers from all different credit types and financial histories.1

Even if you are not confident with your credit history, a title loan can cater to borrowers like you. With a title loan, you are using the title of your vehicle to secure funding. This makes the loan secure and offers you a lot more flexibility during the approval process.

What Documents Do I Need to Apply for a Car Title Loan?

Car title loans can be some of the most flexible cash loans to apply for. However, here are a few documents you will need to submit to identify yourself and verify your information. Luckily, the entire approval process can be done completely online!

With loan options like ChoiceCash Title Loans, your documents can be submitted online as well. The exact documents may change from state to state, but you can expect to need:

  • Photo Identification: To verify your identity during the approval process, you will need to submit a government-issued photo ID. This could be a passport, driver’s license, or even your military ID.
  • Proof of Address: Title loans are not available in every state, so your residence matters for a few different reasons besides verifying your identity. Typically, future borrowers will use their recent mail as proof of address. Utility bills, recent credit card statements, or even your voter’s registration card can be submitted.
  • Proof of Income: Your income will determine your loan amount and your eligibility! Your loan amount will be based upon the value of your vehicle and what you can realistically afford based upon your income. Most future borrowers submit bank statements or paystubs, but alternative income is also accepted.
  • Recent Photos of the Car: While some title loan companies require an in-person vehicle inspection, you can skip this step through ChoiceCash Title Loans! Simply send recent photos of your vehicle and the odometer reading to skip an in-person inspection.
  • Your Car’s Title: It must be in your name to be accepted during the approval process. If it is not in your name when you try to submit a loan inquiry, you can request a title transfer at your local Department of Motor Vehicles.

What are the Benefits of a Car Title Loan?

Did you know that car title loans can offer you more than just cash to replace your accessory drive belt?

Loan options like ChoiceCash Title Loans were created with the consumer in mind! Your car title loan can come with advantages that help set you up for success.

Take a look at some of the benefits you can take advantage of as a borrower:

  1. Keep Your Keys: To apply for a car title loan, you are using the title of your vehicle as collateral. Understandably, you want to know what happens to your car while you are paying off your loan! As long as you make your payments on time and keep your account in good standing, you can keep driving your car!
  2. Get Your Cash Fast: Title loans are the go-to cash loan across the country since they are fast to obtain. With ChoiceCash Title Loans, qualified borrowers can get their funds in as little as 24 hours!1
  3. Payments Start Low, and Can Get Lower2: Wouldn’t you like to get rewarded for being a responsible title loan borrower? With ChoiceCash Title Loans, you could get the opportunity to! Borrowers that keep their account in good standing and make their payments on time can have the opportunity to earn a lower interest rate and payment each month!2 With this reward, your monthly payment can be lowered, which helps set responsible borrowers up for success.2

Where Can I Apply for an Auto Title Loan Online to Pay for My Accessory Drive Belt Repairs?

If you need to get your accessory drive belt repaired, you may not have time to waste! You can get started on your ChoiceCash Title Loan easily by going online. Or, call a loan agent to help walk you through the process at 855-422-7402. You could get your cash in as little as 24 hours if you qualify!1