Applying for title loans in Austin, Texas, can be a convenient and straightforward procedure if you meet the application criteria and provide the correct documentation to verify your income and the value of your vehicle. But if you are one of the many residents of Austin, Texas, who find themselves in debt, you might wonder how much cash you can qualify for through this secured loan option. The Office of Consumer Credit Commissioner reported that in the first quarter of 2023, $3,234,028 had been funded through single-payment and installment vehicle title loans in Austin, Texas, with an average funded amount of $1,870 for single-payment loans and $1,711 for installment title loans.1

The amount that you can personally receive through an online title loan in Austin, Texas, is mainly dependent on the following factors:1

  1. Income: A title lender will typically ask you to provide proof of your ability to handle monthly title loan payments. Your income will be used to determine both your loan amount and eligibility for a loan.1
  2. Vehicle Value: Car title loans are used by applicants to borrow against the value of their vehicles. Therefore, the vehicle’s total value will be an important element that determines the amount that a qualified individual will be able to borrow through an online title loan in Austin, Texas. An applicant must pledge a qualifying vehicle as collateral for the loan in order to obtain loan approval, and its value must be verified through an online or physical vehicle inspection.1

In most cases, you can borrow anywhere from 25%-50% of your car’s total value through a title loan if you are eligible and meet the necessary criteria! Depending on your income and the amount of available equity in your car, you could receive up to $15,000 if you are eligible for an Austin title loan.1

To find out more about the current value of your vehicle and get a loan quote with no obligation, use the online title loan calculator on the ChoiceCash website. If you have any questions about applying for online title loans in Austin, Texas, feel free to contact a ChoiceCash title loan agent at 855-422-7402 or visit the FAQ page!1


Although it can be convenient and simple to apply for online car title loans in Austin, Texas, you must be able to meet the initial criteria and submit the correct documents to verify your income and other relevant information. 

Before you can learn more about the documents you will need to obtain loan approval, take a closer look at this list of initial title loan requirements in Austin, Texas:1

  1. Have a Title to a Qualifying Vehicle in Your Name: You will not be able to borrow against the value of a vehicle that is not currently in your possession or name. If your vehicle’s title is not in your name and you wish to apply for a Texas title loan, you must visit your local Department of Motor Vehicles service center and request a title transfer. Additionally, a “qualifying vehicle” means that it has a reasonable amount of positive equity. Use the title loan calculator mentioned above to learn more about the current amount of positive equity in your car, truck, or SUV. Any one of those types of vehicles can be used as collateral for a title loan if they meet the necessary criteria. You will not be able to get a title loan on a motorcycle, however.1
  2. Be of Legal Age: Individuals who are underage will not be able to submit an application for an Austin title loan. 
  3. Have Sufficient Evidence of Income: As stated previously, evidence of your ability to repay the loan is essential during your application. You will not be eligible for a title loan if you do not provide proper documentation. Fortunately, many different types of alternative income can be accepted as proof of income, including workers’ compensation, alimony, and retirement income!1

If you are confident that you can meet the initial title loan requirements in Austin, Texas, you can submit a prequalification form online and discover if you are eligible for instant pre-approval now!1

Upon receiving initial pre-approval, a title loan officer will reach out and request that you submit the following documents:1

  1. A Car, SUV, or Truck Title 
  2. Pictures of Your Car (Taken in Clear Lighting)
  3. Recent Utility Bills, Credit Card Statements, or Another Piece of Official Mail to Verify Your Address
  4. A Driver’s License, Passport, or Another Valid, Government-Issued Photo Identification Card
  5. Recent Bank Statements, Pay Stubs, Disability Award Letters, or Another Qualifying Document to Prove your Income

As an applicant, you have the option to upload all your documents online or send everything to a ChoiceCash title loan officer through email or text message! That’s how convenient it is to apply for title loans with no store visit in Austin, Texas.1

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Any credit score below 670 on the FICO scale is not an ideal score to have, especially if you are trying to qualify for an unsecured loan. Having bad credit will limit your ability to apply for new credit and access many financial opportunities in the future. According to Equifax, the average credit score in Texas is 698 on the VantageScore scale. While this is considered a fair credit score on the VantageScore scale, it may not be high enough to obtain optimal loan terms when applying for an unsecured personal loan. 

However, a perfect credit score is not a requirement for car title loans. In fact, secured loan options like title loans can often cater to individuals with bad credit scores! Applying for bad credit title loans in Austin, Texas, will be simple if you meet the application criteria, have the right documents on hand, and possess an asset with enough positive equity.1

While it is possible to get a title loan with bad credit, you should invest in repairing your credit score and learning more about financial literacy. Over 12% of the population in Austin, Texas, lives in poverty and may not have a strong credit history. Having a good credit score can improve many aspects of your life, so it is important to prioritize consolidating and paying off your debt on time each month if you want to improve your credit score!

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Getting instant pre-approval for a title loan is possible, but you won’t be able to get an instant online title loan in Austin, Texas. The application process for a title loan can be simple, but unfortunately, there are a few integral steps that cannot be completed in an instant. 

These steps include:

  1. A Credit Check: A credit check is an assessment of an individual’s credit history by a lender or financial institution to determine their creditworthiness.
  2. An Inspection of the Vehicle: Whether you are applying for a title loan online or in person, you must undergo a vehicle inspection in order for a title loan representative to verify the total value of your vehicle and determine if it is in roadworthy condition.
  3. Verification of the Applicant’s Documentation: As mentioned above, specific documentation will be required during your loan application to verify your information. If you are applying for a ChoiceCash title loan serviced by LoanMart, you can upload everything online or send your documents via email or text message. They will be reviewed by a real person and checked for completeness. If your driver’s license is expired, you must submit another form of qualifying identification to proceed with your application. 

Subsequently, it is not possible to get no credit check title loans in Austin, Texas. A car title loan lender uses a credit check to review your ability to take on new debt and manage your current debt obligations. A credit check does take a few minutes to complete, so the application process is not instantaneous. Although you won’t be able to skip a credit check or get a title loan with instant approval in Austin, Texas, the application process is still convenient, and you don’t need a strong credit score to obtain loan approval.1

Additionally, while you can’t avoid a vehicle examination, you can access a virtual inspection instead of a physical one when you apply for an online title loan in Austin, Texas. Don’t let your credit score hold you back! Apply for ChoiceCash title loans serviced by LoanMart online today and skip the hassle of a store visit. Call 855-422-7402 now to speak with a loan officer!1


There are many storefront locations where you can apply for in-person title loans in Austin, Texas. However, many prospective borrowers prefer to apply online and skip the hassle of a physical car inspection and take advantage of placing an online loan request.

If you are searching for the closest car title loan near you in Austin, Texas, just use your smartphone or computer to apply for the emergency cash you need today! With ChoiceCash title loans, you can submit a prequalification form online or apply over the phone with a title loan agent by calling 855-422-7402. Don’t wait to find out if you are eligible for emergency cash title loans without a store visit!1

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