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With a unique program available to residents who are looking for title loans in Chesapeake, title loans serviced by ChoiceCash may be able to provide secure funding backed by the financial stability of a title loan1. Our representatives may be able to put hundreds- even thousands of dollars in your pocket fast.

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    ChoiceCash is proud to service residents all over Virginia including metro areas Virginia Beach, Norfolk and Arlington. Call 1-757-550-0242 to discuss your options with a loan expert, or see the city list below to see where your MoneyGram locations near Chesapeake:

    Additional Info for Chesapeake, Virginia

    There are about 237,893 total people living in 23325 Chesapeake, Virginia. From those 237,893 people, about 51.93% of them are female, which comes out to approximately 121,661 people. In Chesapeake about 48.07% of the population is male, which comes out to about 116,232 people.

    From the total population of 237,893 people about 175,781 are considered legal adults above the age of 18. From there, about 90,883 of those 175,781 adults are female, which comes out to about 52.57% of the population. For the men, 47.43% are adult males, which is approximately 84,898 people.

    Total People Under 5 Years15,066
    Total People 5-9 Years16,397
    Total People 10-14 Years15,929
    Total People 15-19 Years16,092
    Total People 20-24 Years15,274
    Total People 25-34 Years33,676
    Total People 35-44 Years31,863
    Total People 45-54 Years33,193
    Total People 55-59 Years16,957
    Total People 60-64 Years13,617
    Total People 65-75 Years18,246
    Total People 75-84 Years8,458
    Total People 85 Years and Older3,125

    Household Employment Information for Chesapeake, Virginia

    In the entire city of Chesapeake, there are approximately 82,610 households. When it comes to unemployment of those 82,610 about 15,252 of them contain residents who are currently out of work. However, 33,740 households contain at ,1 employed individual, 27,274 house 2 employed residents, and there are 6,344 homes with 3 or more residents who are employed.

    To learn more about the employment of other types of households in Chesapeake, take a look at the information below!

    Total Households with 1 Person17,451
    1-Person Households with Unemployed Residents7,452
    1- Person Households with 1 Employed Resident9,999
    Total Households with 2 People27,536
    2-Person Households with Unemployed Residents5,962
    2- Person Households with 1 Employed Resident10,629
    2-Person Households with 2 Employed Residents10,945
    Total Households with 3 People16,844
    3-Person Households with Unemployed Residents1,048
    3- Person Households with 1 Employed Resident6,056
    3-Person Households with 2 Employed Residents7,423
    3-Person Households with 3+ EmployedResidents2,317
    Total Households with 4 People20,779
    4-Person Households with Unemployed Residents790
    4- Person Households with 1 Employed Resident7,056
    4-Person Households with 2 Employed Residents8,906
    4-Person Households with 3+ EmployedResidents4,027

    Living Information in Chesapeake, Virginia

    Throughout the whole city of Chesapeake there are approximately 84,258 occupied households where 24,147 of those households are rented by the residents and 60,111 are owned.

    Between the years of 2015-2016 about 10,595 households were occupied by newly moved-in residents. Out of those 10,595 households, 5,767 were being rented while 4,828 were owned during that time. Between the years of 2010-2014 approximately 23,595 households were occupied by residents who just moved in. From those 23,595 households, 11,219 were rented and 12,376 were owned. From 2000-2009, residents of Chesapeake moved into about 22,072 households, with 18,786 of those households being owned and 3,286 being rented.

    Going back before the millennium, between 1990-1999 residents throughout Chesapeake began occupying about 12,998 households. During this time, about 12,131 of the households were owned and 867 were rented during this time period. But even before that, during 1989 and earlier, the people of Chesapeake moved into approximately 10,834 households throughout the city. During this time, people who were renting moved into about 306 of the those 10,834 households, and people who purchased / owned their homes started occupying about 10,528 households.

    Education of People in Chesapeake, Virginia

    Wondering about education information about the people who live in Chesapeake, Virginia? Check out some of the interesting educational statistics about Chesapeake below:

    Percent of People Who Have Not Graduated High School7.8%
    Percent of People Who Have Graduated High School22.23%
    Percent of People Who Started College37.5%
    Percent of People Who Finished College32.45%
    Percent of Homeowners Who Have Not Graduated High School5.72%
    Percent of Homeowners Who Have Graduated High School21.6%
    Percent of Homeowners Who Started College36.57%
    Percent of Homeowners Who Finished College36.12%
    Percent of Renters Who Have Not Graduated High School11.6%
    Percent of Renters Who Have Graduated High School24.85%
    Percent of Renters Who Started College40.63%
    Percent of Renters Who Finished College22.95%

    ChoiceCash Title Loans, Serviced by LoanMart in Chesapeake

    Looking for a way to get the emergency cash you need in Chesapeake? Good news! ChoiceCash Title Loans, serviced by LoanMart, services loans throughout the state of Virginia. Call 855-914-2945 or visit ChoiceCash Title Loans online to get started today!




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