How Do I Borrow Against the Value of My Jeep Grand Cherokee?

If you have a Jeep Grand Cherokee and need emergency cash, you may be wondering if you can borrow against the value of your SUV. With a car title loan, you can access a portion of your vehicle’s value by using its title as collateral for the loan. In order to obtain approval for a car title loan, your Jeep Grand Cherokee will need to have a reasonable amount of value, and you must meet the initial requirements.1

Before you start an online title loan application, you may want to know more about title loans and the overall value of your Jeep Grand Cherokee. Continue reading to learn more about applying for a ChoiceCash title loan on your SUV!

How Much Can I Get If I Qualify for a Title Loan on My Jeep Grand Cherokee?

value of jeep grand cherokee

The amount you can receive through a title loan will be based on a few different factors, including the value of your Jeep, your income, and your ability to repay the loan. However, you can typically access anywhere from 25%-50% of your SUV’s value if you are eligible for a title loan.1

In the table below, ChoiceCash has provided you with a few estimated loan amounts over the past few years for different Jeep Grand Cherokees:1

MakeModelYearAvg. MileageAvg. Loan
JeepGrand CherokeeN/A122,363$5,037
JeepGrand Cherokee1999100,184$2,000
JeepGrand Cherokee2000176,874$1,805
JeepGrand Cherokee2001164,603$1,325
JeepGrand Cherokee2002176,753$1,887
JeepGrand Cherokee2003148,392$1,748
JeepGrand Cherokee2004176,927$1,683
JeepGrand Cherokee2005178,931$1,934
JeepGrand Cherokee2006164,725$2,405
JeepGrand Cherokee2007146,138$2,744
JeepGrand Cherokee2008162,547$2,353
JeepGrand Cherokee2009170,343$2,413
JeepGrand Cherokee2010143,043$3,199
JeepGrand Cherokee2011136,417$4,005
JeepGrand Cherokee2012148,840$4,464
JeepGrand Cherokee2013134,150$5,221
JeepGrand Cherokee2014129,983$6,654
JeepGrand Cherokee2015111,534$7,172
JeepGrand Cherokee201670,048$9,923
JeepGrand Cherokee201790,759$8,369
JeepGrand Cherokee201851,770$10,307
JeepGrand Cherokee201948,953$8,371
JeepGrand Cherokee202039,231$7,323
JeepGrand Cherokee202147,473$15,610
JeepGrand Cherokee202218,089$7,978

Why Does the Jeep Grand Cherokee Hold its Value Over Time?

title loan value of jeep grand cherokee

Take a closer look at some of the main reasons why the Jeep Grand Cherokee will be able to hold its value over time:

  • Jeep’s Reputation: The Jeep Grand Cherokee has a reputation for being a reliable and durable mid-size SUV. Many consumers are looking for a reliable vehicle because it is less likely to have mechanical issues.
  • Strong Brand Loyalty: Jeep has a dedicated and passionate consumer base, which is why used Jeep Grand Cherokees are always in high demand.

It’s important to mention that individual factors, such as mileage, age, condition, maintenance history, and market conditions, can still influence the specific resale and title loan value of a Jeep Grand Cherokee. However, the vehicle’s overall reputation and reliability contribute to its ability to hold its value over time. You can use the title loan calculator on the ChoiceCash website to find out more about the total value of your Jeep Grand Cherokee and obtain a loan quote with no obligation.1

Quick Facts About the Jeep Grand Cherokee

Here are some quick facts about the Jeep Grand Cherokee:

  • In 1992, Jeep first introduced the Grand Cherokee, a mid-size SUV that has now become one of Jeep’s most recognizable models.
  • The 2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee is available in a few different trim levels, so consumers have a wide range of options and features to choose from.
  • There are multiple generations of Grand Cherokees, including the first generation (1992-1998), second generation (1999-2004), third generation (2005-2010), fourth generation (2011-2021), and the current generation (2022-present).
  • Although not all Jeep Grand Cherokee owners are adventurous, the SUV is known for its off-road capabilities.
  • The Jeep Grand Cherokee has a wide range of available aftermarket parts, modifications, and upgrades, allowing owners to personalize and enhance their vehicles.

Where Can I Borrow Against the Value of My Jeep Grand Cherokee Online?

Applying for a car title loan on your Jeep Grand Cherokee does not have to be complicated. In fact, with a ChoiceCash title loan, applying for the emergency cash you need can be simple and straightforward! Simply gather the necessary documents in advance and spend a few minutes filling out a short prequalification form online. It can be that simple to apply for a title loan on your mid-size SUV!1

Click here to apply for a ChoiceCash title loan serviced by LoanMart today and find out if you qualify for instant pre-approval. Or, give us a call at 855-422-7402 and apply over the phone with a ChoiceCash title loan agent!1

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