Nestled along the pristine shores of the Atlantic Ocean in the Southeastern corner of the Sunshine State lies the city of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, which is a coastal paradise! However, amidst the ocean breeze and sandy beaches, the average consumer in Fort Lauderdale is around $71,394 in debt, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia. Your financial stability, mental health, and overall quality of life can all be affected by high debt utilization. Those who are struggling financially and need fast cash may consider applying for car title loans in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Through ChoiceCash title loans serviced by LoanMart, applying for a car title loan near you in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, can be a breeze!1

Car title loans are a type of secured loan option that you can explore if you have a title to a qualifying car in your name and can prove your ability to repay the loan. Since car title loans are secured loans, a qualified borrower is expected to pledge their car or truck’s title as collateral for the loan in order to access emergency funding. You won’t be able to apply for a title loan without showing your car because your vehicle is an integral part of the application process! Your loan amount and eligibility are largely based on your income and the total value of your vehicle. Generally, you will not be able to find a title lender who offers car title loans with no income verification in Fort Lauderdale. Additionally, a vehicle inspection will be required during your application to verify the current condition and value of the collateral.1

The application for Florida title loans can be accessed online, over the phone, and in person, but many individuals may prefer to apply online! When you apply for a ChoiceCash title loan online, you can conveniently access a virtual vehicle inspection and a flexible online application process.1

Fill out a short pre-approval form online to get started! Or, call 855-422-7402 to learn more about applying for ChoiceCash title loans online with no store visit in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.1


If you need emergency financial assistance and believe that cash title loans in Fort Lauderdale may be the most suitable option to secure fast funding, there are a few things you should know about the application process before you submit your loan request.1

While there are a few different ways to start the application process as a resident of the Sunshine State, applying for title loans online in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, can be convenient and straightforward. Whether you are a resident of Hollywood, Hialeah, Miami, or Fort Lauderdale, you can skip the hassle of applying in person and apply for a ChoiceCash title loan serviced by LoanMart from the comfort of your home by using your smartphone or computer!1

Keep reading to learn more about the various aspects of the title loan process and the title loan requirements in Fort Lauderdale, Florida:1

  • Before You Start Your Loan Inquiry: It’s important to understand that while title loans are flexible, you must meet a few initial requirements before you can obtain loan approval. You must be at least 18 years of age to submit a title loan application in the state of Florida. Additionally, you will be required to have a car title in your name, a vehicle with a sufficient amount of equity, and proof of your ability to repay the Fort Lauderdale title loan.1
  • Begin Your Loan Inquiry Online or On the Phone: Choose to start your application by calling 855-422-7402 to speak with a ChoiceCash title loan agent directly or by filling out a prequalification form online. You will need to provide information about your vehicle during this initial part of the application process, such as the make, model, and year of your vehicle. 
  • Gather the Required Documents: After you receive initial approval, there are several pieces of paperwork you must gather to proceed with the remainder of your application. First and foremost, the title to your car must be in your name and possession at the time of your application. If you have lost your current vehicle title and you are the titled owner, you can obtain a duplicate copy of your title by submitting a completed HSMV 82101 form and a $6 fee to a local county tax collector. You will also need to provide a few photos of your car, proof of income, a valid, government-issued ID (this can be a Florida driver’s license, U.S. passport, or permanent resident card), and proof of your current address in Fort Lauderdale. One of the main reasons why you cannot get an instant online title loan in Fort Lauderdale is the fact that these documents must be reviewed by a title loan agent before you can proceed to the next step of the application process, and document verification doesn’t happen instantaneously!
  • Get Your Title Loan Money: If, in fact, you are eligible for a ChoiceCash title loan in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, there are a few convenient options for receiving your funds. You can get your title loan money wired to you or have the funds added to an existing debit card. Additionally, you can also pick up your cash at any participating money transfer location in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. After you receive final approval, you will carefully go over the applicable loan terms with your title loan officer and then sign the electronic loan agreement. After signing, you can receive your quick funding as soon as the next business day! In some cases, qualified borrowers can receive their title loan funds the same day they apply.1
Title Loans Fort Lauderdale, Florida


Some individuals with bad credit scores may live in fear of rejection for credit cards and loans. A prime credit score falls within the range of 720 to 850 on the FICO credit scoring scale, and borrowers with prime credit scores will have less difficulty qualifying for unsecured loans than those with subprime credit scores. According to Experian, the average credit score around the city of Fort Lauderdale is 655, which is quite low. 

While you will not be able to find a lender who offers title loans with no credit check in Fort Lauderdale, it is still possible to find and secure a title loan with subprime credit! Visit the FAQ page or call 855-422-7402 to learn more about applying for car title loans in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, with bad credit.1

Online title loans Fort Lauderdale, Florida


If you are facing a difficult financial situation, you may be searching for the fastest way to get approved for a loan. Financial emergencies can be scary to deal with on your own.

ChoiceCash title loans in Fort Lauderdale were designed to be efficient and streamlined, but you won’t be able to get instantly approved for a loan because the application process doesn’t work that way! As mentioned above, you must submit an initial prequalification form, upload the required documents to verify your application, go through a credit check, and complete a vehicle inspection in order to complete your application.1

However, by meeting the requirements, gathering the required paperwork in advance, and completing a car inspection virtually, you can potentially speed this process toward final approval! Although you will not be able to find a lender who offers guaranteed approval for online title loans in Fort Lauderdale, you can instantly find out if you are pre-approved for a ChoiceCash title loan when you fill out the online inquiry form!1


Getting title loans with no proof of income in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is typically out of the question, so make sure to have recent bank statements, pay stubs, or another qualifying document on hand before you submit your application.

In today’s world, there are many ways to earn a living outside of a 9-5 office job. If you do not have a traditional job, other forms of income can be accepted during your title loan application, including the following:1

As you can see, there are a few different types of alternative income that can be used to show title lenders that you are well-equipped to make payments in accordance with your loan agreement! Therefore, even if you do not have a traditional job as your primary source of income, you can still apply for a car title loan in Fort Lauderdale, Florida! Call 855-422-7402 or apply for a ChoiceCash title loan online and get your funds in as little as 24 hours if you qualify.1


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    There are about 831,395 total people living in 33351 Fort Lauderdale, Florida. From those 831,395 people, about 49.76% of them are female, which comes out to approximately 423,964 people. In Fort Lauderdale about 50.24% of the population is male, which comes out to about 407,431 people.

    From the total population of 831,395 people about 552,320 are considered legal adults above the age of 18. From there, about 283,215 of those 552,320 adults are female, which comes out to about 49.74% of the population. For the men, 50.26% are adult males, which is approximately 269,105 people.

    Total People Under 5 Years 47,681
    Total People 5-9 Years 47,613
    Total People 10-14 Years 49,861
    Total People 15-19 Years 48,998
    Total People 20-24 Years 48,296
    Total People 25-34 Years 115,406
    Total People 35-44 Years 107,233
    Total People 45-54 Years 123,087
    Total People 55-59 Years 60,137
    Total People 60-64 Years 52,500
    Total People 65-75 Years 74,475
    Total People 75-84 Years 37,556
    Total People 85 Years and Older 18,552

    Household Employment Information for Fort Lauderdale, Florida

    In the entire city of Fort Lauderdale, there are approximately 299,527 households. When it comes to unemployment of those 299,527 about 75,380 of them contain residents who are currently out of work. However, 120,870 households contain at ,1 employed individual, 83,597 house 2 employed residents, and there are 19,680 homes with 3 or more residents who are employed.

    To learn more about the employment of other types of households in Fort Lauderdale, take a look at the information below!

    Total Households with 1 Person 90,266
    1-Person Households with Unemployed Residents 41,144
    1- Person Households with 1 Employed Resident 49,122
    Total Households with 2 People 98,237
    2-Person Households with Unemployed Residents 26,040
    2- Person Households with 1 Employed Resident 35,405
    2-Person Households with 2 Employed Residents 36,792
    Total Households with 3 People 47,938
    3-Person Households with Unemployed Residents 4,404
    3- Person Households with 1 Employed Resident 16,939
    3-Person Households with 2 Employed Residents 20,611
    3-Person Households with 3+ EmployedResidents 5,984
    Total Households with 4 People 63,086
    4-Person Households with Unemployed Residents 3,792
    4- Person Households with 1 Employed Resident 19,404
    4-Person Households with 2 Employed Residents 26,194
    4-Person Households with 3+ EmployedResidents 13,696

    Living Information in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

    Throughout the whole city of Fort Lauderdale there are approximately 302,072 occupied households where 115,960 of those households are rented by the residents and 186,112 are owned.

    Between the years of 2015-2016 about 43,636 households were occupied by newly moved-in residents. Out of those 43,636 households, 28,606 were being rented while 15,030 were owned during that time. Between the years of 2010-2014 approximately 99,098 households were occupied by residents who just moved in. From those 99,098 households, 58,653 were rented and 40,445 were owned. From 2000-2009, residents of Fort Lauderdale moved into about 75,122 households, with 61,275 of those households being owned and 13,847 being rented.

    Going back before the millennium, between 1990-1999 residents throughout Fort Lauderdale began occupying about 42,176 households. During this time, about 39,667 of the households were owned and 2,509 were rented during this time period. But even before that, during 1989 and earlier, the people of Fort Lauderdale moved into approximately 25,787 households throughout the city. During this time, people who were renting moved into about 1,075 of the those 25,787 households, and people who purchased / owned their homes started occupying about 24,712 households.

    Education of People in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

    Wondering about education information about the people who live in Fort Lauderdale, Florida? Check out some of the interesting educational statistics about Fort Lauderdale below:

    Percent of People Who Have Not Graduated High School 7.69%
    Percent of People Who Have Graduated High School 19.56%
    Percent of People Who Started College 28.62%
    Percent of People Who Finished College 44.13%
    Percent of Homeowners Who Have Not Graduated High School 6.14%
    Percent of Homeowners Who Have Graduated High School 18.9%
    Percent of Homeowners Who Started College 27.24%
    Percent of Homeowners Who Finished College 47.74%
    Percent of Renters Who Have Not Graduated High School 9.96%
    Percent of Renters Who Have Graduated High School 20.04%
    Percent of Renters Who Started College 32.09%
    Percent of Renters Who Finished College 37.91%

    ChoiceCash Title Loans, Serviced by LoanMart in Fort Lauderdale

    Looking for a way to get the emergency cash you need in Fort Lauderdale? Good news! ChoiceCash Title Loans, serviced by LoanMart, services loans throughout the state of Florida. Call 855-422-7402 or visit ChoiceCash Title Loans online to get started today!