With a reported average level of indebtedness of 179% relative to annual income, many households in the Cape Coral MSA could be struggling to make ends meet and facing financial hardship. Applying for title loans in Cape Coral, can be a way for residents of the Sunshine State to unlock emergency cash to get back on their feet.1

Essentially, an auto title loan is a type of secured loan that requires the qualified applicant to pledge a car, truck, or SUV as collateral for the loan in exchange for emergency funding. Other names for auto title loans include pink slip loans, vehicle title loans, and vehicle secured loans. Although the name may be different, a title loan involves an individual borrowing against the value of a qualifying vehicle and receiving fast cash to cover an unexpected expense. If you are eligible for a car title loan in Cape Coral, Florida, you will still be able to drive your vehicle throughout the duration of your loan term. However, you must prioritize your title loan payments in order to maintain access to your vehicle during the repayment period.1

Keep reading to learn more about applying for cash title loans in Cape Coral! Accessing the emergency cash you need through a ChoiceCash title loan serviced by LoanMart should not be a hassle. Apply online or call 855-422-7402 to speak with a title loan officer and get started today!1


Although applying for title loans is not complicated, and the application process is designed to be streamlined, there are a few initial criteria that you must meet to obtain loan approval.1

Take a closer look at the initial title loan qualifications in Cape Coral:1

  1. Age Qualification: An applicant must be of legal age to submit a title loan application in Florida. Over 80% of the population in Cape Coral is over the age of 18 and can apply for emergency cash title loans.
  2. Income Qualification: To get approved for a Florida title loan, you will be asked to demonstrate your ability to handle monthly title loan payments. It will be difficult to find a lender who is willing to offer title loans with no proof of income in Cape Coral. You can get a title loan with a brand new job or even if you have an alternative source of income, however.1
  3. Vehicle Qualification: With a Cape Coral title loan, you are borrowing against the available equity in your vehicle. Your car does not have to be a specific year to apply for a title loan. But, your car, truck, or SUV must have a reasonable amount of positive equity to qualify as collateral for a title loan. When initially applying for a ChoiceCash title loan serviced by LoanMart, you can use an online title loan calculator to get an estimate of your car’s current equity and access a loan quote with no obligation!1

Upon submitting an initial loan application, you will be notified if you are pre-approved and can proceed to the next stage of the application process. During the second step, you will be asked by a title loan representative to provide the following paperwork to verify your income, age, and other information:1

  1. Car Title: You must have a car title in your name during your application. Similar to when you are financing a car, a lender will add a lien to your vehicle title after the loan is funded.
  2. Proof of Address: Recent utility bills, internet bills, or credit card statements can be used as proof of address during your loan request. Other documents can be accepted as well, such as a current lease agreement or a recent mortgage statement.
  3. Proof of Income: As mentioned above, finding title loans with no income verification in Cape Coral, is difficult. This is largely due to the fact that your loan amount is largely based on your income and the total value of your vehicle. To prove your ability to repay the loan, you can submit recent bank statements, pay stubs, disability award letters, or other qualifying documents.1
  4. Recent Pictures of Your Vehicle: While you do not need a specific type of vehicle to apply for a title loan, you must submit a few recent photographs of your vehicle in order to complete a vehicle inspection. Getting title loans with no inspection in Cape Coral is impossible, but an online inspection can be convenient and quick! When applying for ChoiceCash title loans online in Cape Coral, you can access an online application process, which includes a virtual vehicle inspection.1
  5. Proof of Identity: A valid, government-issued photo identification card is required to verify your current age and identity. When applying for a Cape Coral title loan, you can submit either a valid driver’s license, REAL ID card, U.S. passport, or permanent resident card.

For your convenience, you can choose between one of the following submission options for your documents during your loan request:

  1. Upload Online
  2. Text the Paperwork to a Title Loan Agent
  3. Send the Documents Through Email

That’s how simple it can be to apply for ChoiceCash title loans without a store visit in Cape Coral!1

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The amount of fast funding you will be able to access through a Cape Coral title loan is based on the value of your car and your ability to repay the loan. Typically, you can receive anywhere from 25%-50% of your car’s value if you are eligible for a Florida title loan! Qualified borrowers can access their funds in as little as 24 hours by choosing direct deposit or having their funds added to their debit cards.1

Unlike other types of loans that require you to use your loan proceeds for a specific purpose, you can use your title loan funding to handle a variety of financial issues – it’s up to you to decide how to spend your money! Some title loan borrowers will use their funding to handle unexpected expenses, pay bills, or renovate their homes.1


While it is possible to apply for a title loan near you without leaving your home, it will be challenging to find a title loan with no credit check in Cape Coral, Florida. Credit checks provide a lender or financial institution with valuable insight into a prospective borrower’s credit history. A credit check helps a lender determine if an applicant can realistically handle a new debt obligation based on key factors, such as their current debt and payment history.

While a credit check can sound daunting if you do not have a strong credit history, you do not have to spend your time worrying about one! It is possible to qualify for a title loan without a stellar credit history. Take a closer look at the FAQ page or call 855-422-7402 to learn more about applying for a loan without a perfect credit score!1

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Whether you are applying for a title loan in Cape Coral, Fort Lauderdale, Tallahassee, or Tampa, you won’t be able to find a lender who offers instant online title loans. Getting guaranteed approval or an instant online title loan in Cape Coral isn’t feasible because of how the application process is structured.

Here is a brief overview of how a title loan application process works in Cape Coral:1

  1. Submit an Initial Loan Request: You cannot receive guaranteed approval for a loan, but you can conveniently apply over the phone or submit a short prequalification form in order to find out if you are eligible for same day pre-approval. A car title lender must review your documents, check your credit report, and verify the value of your vehicle through an inspection in order to determine if you are eligible for loan approval.1
  2. Provide the Necessary Documents to Verify Your Information: A title loan agent will need to review all of the required documents, and although they work hard to be quick, this step of the application process is not instantaneous because it is not humanly possible for it to be!
  3. Choose How to Receive Your Quick Funding if You Are Eligible: Once your paperwork has been received and reviewed, you can find out if you are eligible for an emergency cash title loan during the last step of the application process. If you qualify for a ChoiceCash title loan serviced by LoanMart, you can choose between picking up your cash at a participating money transfer location, receiving a check in the mail, or getting your title loan money wired to you.

Now that you know more about how the application process is set up, you can understand why you will not be able to get guaranteed approval for a title loan or a title loan in an instant. However, if you are ready to apply for a title loan online in Cape Coral, getting started is simple and convenient! Apply online or call 855-422-7402 today.1


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