Where Can I Find Title Loans in Columbus, Ohio?

Suppose you’re struggling with your debt or finances. In that case, you may be feeling stuck! If you need a financial resource to get back on your feet, you have plenty of options available. Out of all the financial tools you can select to help you in this time of need, an auto title loan is often a great choice for many reasons. That is because borrowers from all different financial backgrounds and credit scores can potentially qualify for quick funding.¹ Even if you aren’t happy with your current financial situation or credit history, you may be able to get money without an issue.¹ With car title loans, it could be easy to access cash if you meet the right requirements, have a qualifying car, and maintain a steady source of income.¹

Borrowers that live in Columbus, Ohio, wouldn’t need to go anywhere to get a title loan. With ChoiceCash title loans serviced by LoanMart, you could inquire about a title loan through a smartphone or computer!¹ You could take advantage of a convenient approval process that might only take a few minutes to complete!¹

Go online or call a ChoiceCash title loan representative today at 855-914-2945 to see how you can inquire about title loans in Columbus, Ohio!

How Do Columbus Car Title Loans Work?

Inquiring about a Columbus title loan could be easy when you know what to do.¹ The remarkable thing about auto title loans is that you would not need to know much about them to obtain one. The process is straightforward and designed to help borrowers like you in an emergency! However, you might benefit from learning what goes on when you initiate a car title loan online.  

A title loan is also known as a secured or collateral-based loan. The title to your vehicle would serve as collateral in this case, as a title loan lender uses the available equity in your car to determine your loan amount and eligibility. But the collateral goes both ways, as it provides a lender with the assurance that you will repay the loan in its entirety. Not only that, but the equity in your car helps a title loan lender recoup their money if you fail to meet the payment obligations. When you begin the repayment process, a lender will place a lien on your vehicle title until you complete your monthly payments. Once you have finished your installments, the lender will remove the lien. 

Be aware that if you start missing payments and do not return what you owe, you can lose your vehicle to a repossession. Yet, you could keep your car during the loan process if you make on-time payments.¹

Don’t worry if you do not know your vehicle’s current amount of positive equity. Most borrowers who inquire about a car title loan for the first time don’t know it either. Fortunately, there is an online calculator tool for ChoiceCash title loan borrowers to quickly find an estimate with a quote, free of obligation!¹ You would only need to input the following details from your vehicle to use the calculator:

  • The Make and Model of Your Car
  • The Year a Manufacturer Released Your Vehicle
  • Any Alterations or Modifications Made to Your Car
  • The Style of Your Vehicle
  • Any Interior or Exterior Surface Damage Done to Your Car
  • The Current Mileage Listed in Your Vehicle’s Odometer Reading  

With this information, you can determine the worth of your vehicle before getting an online title loan. If your car has a high-value rate, you could be eligible for a significant loan amount if you have the income to support that loan payment each month!¹ Talk to a ChoiceCash title loan agent at 855-914-2945 for more information.

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Do I Need Documentation to Acquire an Auto Title Loan in Columbus, Ohio?

In addition to using your car title as collateral, a ChoiceCash title loan agent will ask you to submit a few documents to verify your information and vehicle ownership. While it may sound like it would take plenty of time and effort to retrieve these documents, you may already have these on hand! While most loan types would require you to submit the paperwork through the mail or in person, that can be inconvenient when you need your money now! Thankfully, you can send your documents online when you inquire about a ChoiceCash title loan!

Contact your local Bureau of Motor Vehicles if there is any additional information that the state of Ohio requires you to have. But you can expect to send a ChoiceCash title loan agent the following documents during the inquiry process:

  • Proof of Reliable Income: As long as you can meet your title loan payments, you don’t need a 9-5 job to qualify for a Columbus title loan.¹ The ways you can validate your income could be through: recent bank statements, retirement income, settlement income, pay stubs, worker’s compensation, a letter of employment from your employer, pension income, Social Security/Supplemental Security Income, or other alternative forms of income! 
  • The Title to Your Vehicle: Although the car’s title must be in your name, you could still qualify for online title loans even if you share a name on it. Contact a ChoiceCash title loan agent at 855-914-2945 for more details on what you should do. But if you lost or misplaced the title to your car, a ChoiceCash title loan representative could help you find out how to request a transfer or replace it with a new one. 
  • Recent Images of Your Car: If you apply online for Columbus title loans, a vehicle inspection is required to verify its condition before you can be approved for emergency funds.¹ Many title loan options prefer to conduct inspections in person, but you don’t have to with a ChoiceCash car title loan!¹ Just use your smartphone to take clear and visible pictures of your vehicle’s hood, rear, driver’s side door, passenger-side door, Vehicle Identification Number(VIN #), and odometer reading. Once you have them ready, you could scan the photos and send them directly to a ChoiceCash title loan agent.¹
  • Proof of Valid, Government-Issued Identification: To prove your identity to a ChoiceCash title loan representative, you must use a government-issued photo ID card. That could be your passport, driver’s license, or other certified state-issued identification cards!
  • Any References: You may have to provide a few references to a ChoiceCash title loan representative. These could either be personal, professional, or both. 

When you submit these documents online, a ChoiceCash title loan agent could respond to you in no time!¹ Simply submit your information via email or fax to a ChoiceCash title loan representative, and you’re good to go! If you qualify, you could move forward to the final step in the loan process: getting your title loan money.¹

Is a Perfect Credit Score Necessary to Obtain Title Loans in Columbus, Ohio?

Borrowers who want access to quick funds don’t need a good credit score to qualify for a ChoiceCash title loan serviced by LoanMart.¹ It’s understandable to feel that your credit can hurt your chances of eligibility since bad credit can often hold you back from many lending opportunities. You don’t want to deal with this frustration when you need money now for an emergency.

When you inquire about an Ohio title loan, your credit isn’t the most important factor compared to your vehicle’s title and income level.¹ However, it’s essential to note that your credit will go through a credit check during the approval process if you agree to proceed with the loan. While that could take off a few points from your credit score, you could see it heal with time and effort. 

But don’t stress, you do not need a perfect credit score to access the financial help you need! ¹ Dial 855-914-2945 if you have any questions or concerns about title loan eligibility.

How Much Cash Can I Get With a Columbus Car Title Loan?

The funding you would potentially receive is determined by the value of your car and if you have the income to support that amount.¹ The more value your car has, the higher the loan amount could be through a Columbus title loan.¹ Keep in mind that you would not receive a considerable loan amount if you do not have the right income level for it. 

The good thing about inquiring about a ChoiceCash title loan is that you may have the ability to get one despite your credit history and financial background.¹ With your collateral and proof of income, you could already be eligible for car title loans in Columbus. Remember to use the online calculator tool to find an estimate on your car’s equity and see how much cash you could get ahead of time!¹

What are the Benefits of Getting Online Title Loans in Columbus, Ohio?

Car title loans could offer many benefits that would add to your overall loan experience.¹ But when you inquire about a ChoiceCash title loan, you could enjoy some exclusive perks

Here are examples of what borrowers can expect when they qualify for an auto title loan¹:

  • No Prepayment Penalties: Unfortunately, most lending options penalize borrowers who simply want to repay their loan sooner than expected. Thankfully, you wouldn’t have to worry about prepayment penalty fees with a ChoiceCash title loan.¹ You can pay sooner if you can afford it! Also, there are no hidden fees or balloon payments to stress about either.1
  • Competitive Interest Rates¹: A loan’s interest rates define how much you’d have to pay for borrowing money. The problem with some loan options is if you have less than ideal credit, you can often expect excessive and expensive rates. But qualified borrowers that obtain a ChoiceCash title loan can anticipate competitive rates.¹
  • Excellent Customer Service: ChoiceCash title loan agents are available six days a week for extended hours to help customers get the financial aid they need! If you are in a difficult situation during the loan duration, don’t hesitate to dial 855-914-2945. You can expect to speak with compassionate representatives who will do what they can to improve your loan experience. 
  • Flexible Approval Process¹: You could enjoy a very convenient approval process when you use your car’s title as collateral!¹ Complete the process online for your convenience today.

Take advantage of these benefits!¹ Find out if you can qualify for a car title loan in Columbus, Ohio, today. Contact a ChoiceCash title loan representative if you have any questions about how to begin your inquiry. 

Apply Online for Car Title Loans in Columbus, Ohio!

Ready to apply for an online title loan in Columbus, Ohio? It doesn’t have to be a hassle! With loan options like a ChoiceCash title loan, you wouldn’t have to go out of your way to find Columbus title loans when you can inquire about one online! All you would need to do is follow these three basic steps to get the money you need¹:

Submit a Loan Inquiry:

You can choose to inquire about auto title loans in Columbus by submitting a short form online or calling a ChoiceCash title loan representative at 855-914-2945. Don’t forget how ChoiceCash title loan agents are available six days a week for extended hours to assist you throughout the entire process.

Send Your Documentation:

Remember, you can easily scan your documents and send them online via email or fax to a ChoiceCash title loan representative!¹ 

Get Your Money!¹

If you receive loan approval, the last step is to sign your loan agreement and collect your cash!¹ Qualified borrowers could choose from a few different ways to access their funds:

  • By Setting Up a Direct Deposit with Your Bank Account 
  • Through a Check Sent to Your Columbus, Ohio, Residency
  • Pick Up Your Money at Any Participating Money Transfer Location Near You

Find out if you qualify for the cash you need by inquiring about a ChoiceCash title loan in Columbus, Ohio! Borrowers would only need a brief period to get through the online application before receiving their cash in no time!¹ Don’t hesitate to speak with a ChoiceCash title loan representative at 855-914-2945 if you have questions or concerns about a ChoiceCash title loan serviced by LoanMart!