Got a costly bill that is due soon? What if you have no money in the bank? Emergency cash could potentially help you take care of any unexpected financial calamities that you were not prepared for. But what options do you have for emergency cash?

Emergency Cash Options When You Have No Money in the Bank

If you have no money in the bank and you require financial support, the good news is that there may be various options for emergency cash. But which option is best for your current situation?

Learn about some popular emergency cash options:

Payday Loans

Considered a short term loan, these loans could provide up to a few hundred dollars in emergency cash. Repayment is typically expected within two weeks, as this emergency cash option is meant to cover the period between paychecks.

Pawn Shop Loans

Pawn shops usually accept various assets as collateral for emergency funding, such as electronics, jewelry, cars, and more. If you have no money in the bank but you need a few hundred dollars, you could try obtaining a pawn shop loan. But be wary of the interest rates and the short repayment terms.

Bank Loans

If you have no money in the bank but your credit is good, you might be able to qualify for bank loans. Bank loans are typically unsecure, which means you don’t need an asset or collateral, but you will need good credit. If your credit is less than perfect, you may have a hard time obtaining approval.

Title Loans

Title loans are a type of secure loan that use the car title as collateral for emergency funding, which could mean larger loan amounts. Good credit is not usually required for qualification, which allows more people in need of quick cash to potentially get it.

How to Get Emergency Cash with Title Loans When You Have No Money in the Bank

You could unlock the equity in your car with a title loan! ChoiceCash Title Loans are an emergency cash option for people that want flexible qualification requirements, affordable terms, and financial benefits.1

Even with bad credit, you could still be deemed eligible for fast emergency cash if you meet the following requirements1:

  • Are at least 18 years of age
  • Have proof of consistent income or alternative income
  • Have a car title in your name

As proof of income for a title loan, you could show an agent bank statements, paycheck stubs, government award letters, and more. As for the car title, it must be in your name to inquire for emergency cash. If the car title is in someone else’s name, the current owner must sign the back of the car title. Once signed, you could visit your local Department of Motor Vehicles to request a car title transfer.

Get Emergency Cash with Benefits When You Have No Money in the Bank

Depending on the emergency cash option you choose, you could get beneficial perks that allow you to do more with your money. ChoiceCash Title Loans offer exclusive benefits that could make the repayment process more affordable and less stressful. If you have no money in the bank, a ChoiceCash Title Loan could possibly help you save more each month to start a savings account.1

Take a look at some of the benefits you could obtain with title loans:

  • Low Payments: ChoiceCash Title Loan payments start low and could potentially get lower each month!2 Diligent borrowers could get rewarded withlow payments that could eventually be half as much as when they began! If you need emergency cash because you have no money in the bank, choose a loan that will benefit you!
  • No Hidden Fees: Some emergency cash options can come with hidden fees, which increase the cost of borrowing. But ChoiceCash Title Loans don’t have any hidden fees for you to worry about!
  • More Time to Pay: ChoiceCash Title Loan borrowers could potentially get more time to repay their loan if they need it.  
  • Pay Early: If you have the ability to repay your emergency cash early, you could do so in order to save on interest! There are no prepayment penalty fees with ChoiceCash Title Loans! Get the freedom to repay at any time.

How to Inquire for Emergency Cash if You Have No Money in the Bank

Inquiring for emergency cash when you have no money in the bank can be simple. Turn to ChoiceCash Title Loans for a quick inquiry process and a free title loan estimate.

Potential borrowers have two options for inquiring:

  1. Call: Speak to a loan agent by calling (855-422-7402) 855-422-7402 toll-free.
  2. Click: Complete and submit the online questionnaire form

You could get a preapproval decision in about 5 minutes!1 If you have no money in the bank, turn to ChoiceCash Title Loans, serviced by LoanMart for emergency cash today!1