Depending on your state, a speeding ticket can be quite expensive and not in your budget for this month. If you are struggling to pay off an unexpected ticket, there are several things you can do to get it paid off and get yourself back on the road!

You could use a car title loan to obtain emergency cash for a speeding ticket. Simply use your vehicle to obtain a small loan and cover the cost of your ticket, as well as any other outstanding bills that need to get covered this month.

What Happens if I Can’t Get Emergency Cash for a Speeding Ticket?

Speeding tickets can often be too expensive to fit into your budget. If you can’t pay for your speeding ticket, you may be able to notify the court of your financial hardship and plead your case. A judge may want you to appear in person to explain your tough financial situation thoroughly. This could result in the fine being reduced, but it may not always be the case.

In some cases, a judge will issue you traffic school as an alternative to the ticket. If it is your first speeding ticket and your driving record is clean, your ticket could be dismissed entirely through attending traffic school. This keeps it off your record, and your insurance will not go up. Traffic school is only available for a few offenses, and it not available for certain tickets, however.

If you do choose to use the traffic school route available to you, there is still a fee and charge to take the class. In some cases, though, the class could be offered online for your convenience.

If you do not pay your ticket, late fees will often accrue, and it can make it even more difficult to get your finances together. If the ticket goes to collections, it can affect your credit score and even your car insurance rates in some cases. The worst-case scenario of an unpaid ticket is a suspended license, which can be difficult to correct.

What are Some Ways I Can Pay for a Speeding Ticket?

The ticket needs to be paid one way or another. If you are experiencing a tough financial situation, a reduction of your fine could be awarded by the judge, but it also could not, depending on their ruling. You can also ask for:

  1. Extended Time to Pay, or
  2. A Payment Plan Schedule

If you still can’t afford to pay for the speeding ticket, there are other options to consider, such as:

  1. Asking Friends or Family
  2. Picking Up a Side Job Like Ridesharing or Dog Walking
  3. Selling Unwanted Household Items
  4. Using Apps like Task Rabbit to Make Extra Income
  5. Applying for a Title Loan to Cover the Cost

How Can a Title Loan Give Me Emergency Cash for a Speeding Ticket?

To avoid any disaster with your finances or license, you can use a title loan to get emergency cash for a speeding ticket. With a title loan, you are using your car’s title as collateral for the loan. A title loan provider will hold onto your title until the loan has been paid in full, but you can continue to drive your vehicle during the repayment process if you make on-time payments.

Title loans can offer one of the most flexible approval processes out there- even if you are not confident with your credit! If your financial situation has caused your credit to take a dive, don’t sweat it. With a car title loan, the use of collateral helps offset the risk to lend to a borrower without a strong credit history. While your credit will be considered during the approval process, it won’t be the focus.

Instead, these two factors will matter the most:

  1. The Value of Your Car
  2. Your Income and Ability to Repay the Loan

How Much Emergency Cash Can I Get Through a Title Loan?

The two factors that determine your eligibility for a title loan can also be used to calculate your loan amount! If you are using a title loan to get emergency cash for a speeding ticket, you might be curious about how much your loan amount could be.

With a car title loan, you could access anywhere between 25%-75% of your vehicle’s value. The more your vehicle is worth and the higher your income, the larger your loan amount could be.1

During the approval process for a title loan, a loan agent will look at your income and your vehicle’s value to help find a loan amount that is affordable, but also gets you the financial help you need.1

What Documents Do I Need to Apply for Emergency Cash for a Speeding Ticket?

A title loan can offer a flexible approval process, but you will need to submit a few documents to get approved for the emergency cash you need.

With loan options like ChoiceCash Title Loans, however, you can complete the entire approval process online!1 This includes sending your documents over via email or fax for your convenience. These documents can help speed the process along and help a loan agent verify your information. Typically, you can expect to need:

  1. A Bank Statement, Pay Stub, or Proof of Alternative Income
  2. A Recent Credit Card Statement, Utility Bill, or Other Proof of Address
  3. A Car Title in Your Name
  4. Recent Photos of the Car
  5. Driver’s License or Other Government Issued ID

Where Can I Apply for Emergency Cash Online?

If you need to get fast emergency cash for a speeding ticket, you have options! Approved borrowers through ChoiceCash Title Loans can get their funds in as little as one business day.1

So why wait to see if your vehicle qualifies for the cash you need? Get started on your loan inquiry today by heading over to the website and answering a few questions about your car. Or pick up the phone and give a loan agent a call today at 855-914-2945.

Representatives are available seven days a week for extended hours to help you get the financial relief you need!1