As of 2022, over 500,000 people are living in the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. According to Experian, the average FICO score in Milwaukee is 676, and the city is listed as one of the top 25 cities in the United States for the highest ratios of delinquent credit accounts to total accounts. Whether you are struggling with the cost of living in Milwaukee or with debt, you may pursue a vehicle-secured loan option to get back on your feet. Title loans in Milwaukee are a convenient way to access emergency cash assistance! Through a Wisconsin title loan, an eligible applicant will use their car’s title as collateral for the loan and unlock the financial assistance they need.1

If you need fast cash, you might be wondering what the maximum title loan amount is for a Wisconsin title loan. Typically, if you are eligible for a Milwaukee title loan, you can obtain anywhere from 25%-50% of your vehicle’s value. Your loan amount will primarily be based on your income and the value of your car.1

Upon receiving final approval for a title loan, a title lender will place a lien on your car’s title. Since a lien is added to your vehicle’s title, much like when you are financing a vehicle, it is essential to pay your loan according to the terms of your loan contract to avoid repossession.

If you are approved for a Milwaukee title loan, you can use your loan proceeds to handle unexpected expenses, pay for an extensive home repair, or take care of a medical bill.1

Applying for online title loans in Milwaukee can be fast and convenient! With ChoiceCash title loans serviced by LoanMart, you can access a simple application process, no hidden fees, and competitive interest rates if you qualify. While getting instant approval for title loans in Milwaukee is not possible, you can call 855-422-7402 or fill out a short prequalification form online to find out if you are instantly pre-approved for a car title loan!1


If you are thinking about applying for an online title loan in Milwaukee, you may be wondering what you’ll need to obtain loan approval. Before you begin your title loan application, it is crucial to understand that you must meet the initial title loan requirements in Milwaukee and provide the necessary documentation to get approved for the financial help you need.1

While the exact documentation and application criteria can vary depending on the title loan company you choose to work with, you can expect to need to meet the following initial requirements when applying for a car title loan in Milwaukee:1

  • Be of Legal Age to Apply for a Loan
  • Have a Car, Truck, or SUV Title in Your Name
  • Be Able to Provide Sufficient Evidence of Income
  • Have a Vehicle with a Qualifying Amount of Value

Assuming that you are able to meet these requirements and obtain initial pre-approval for a Milwaukee title loan, you’ll need to have a few documents on hand during your loan application:1

  • Proof of Address in Milwaukee: If you are applying for a title loan as a resident of Wisconsin, you’ll need to provide recent utility bills, credit card offers, bank statements, or another document to prove your current address in Milwaukee.
  • Proof of Income: As previously stated, you must provide sufficient evidence of income to qualify for a Milwaukee title loan. Recent pay stubs, bank statements, or proof of alternative income can be submitted during your loan request.1
  • Document to Verify Your Age and Identity: A valid, government-issued photo identification card is required to verify these two factors. A valid Wisconsin driver’s license or U.S. passport can be submitted to verify your identity and current age.
  • Other Documents May Be Required: As a resident of Wisconsin, you may be required to complete an MV1-1 form, i.e. a Wisconsin Title and License Plate Application, before the title lender can fund your loan.
  • Recent Photos of the Collateral: Finding a lender who offers title loans with no inspection in Milwaukee will be downright impossible because a title lender will likely need to verify the value of your car and its current condition during the approval process through a vehicle examination. With ChoiceCash title loans serviced by LoanMart, this required examination can be completed virtually anywhere! As long as you submit photos of your car’s interior and exterior, VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), and odometer reading, you can complete your required inspection online with no hassle and no store visit required.1
  • A Qualifying Vehicle Title: In order to obtain loan approval, you must have a title to a qualifying vehicle in your name and possession when applying for a Milwaukee title loan.1

Whether you are applying for a title loan in Milwaukee, La Crosse, Green Bay, Kenosha, or another metropolitan area of Wisconsin, know that the application process was designed to be convenient and simple! Your documents can be submitted online with no hassle when you apply for a ChoiceCash title loan with no store visit in Milwaukee. If you have any questions about applying for a ChoiceCash title loan online, feel free to call a title loan agent directly at 855-422-7402!1

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Before you learn more about the advantages of qualifying for a ChoiceCash title loan as a resident of Wisconsin, it is important to understand that you will not be able to get an instant online title loan in Milwaukee. The application process is streamlined and convenient, but it was not designed to be instantaneous! That being said, take a closer look at some of the benefits of getting a ChoiceCash title loan near you:1

  • Convenient and Flexible Application: Although it doesn’t happen instantly, applying for a ChoiceCash title loan can be convenient, streamlined, and flexible.1
  • Quick Funding: Getting title loans with direct deposit in Milwaukee is possible! Qualified applicants can access their funds in as little as one business day through ChoiceCash title loans by choosing direct deposit after final loan approval.1
  • Keep Driving Your Car: There are well over 1,000,000 registered vehicles in Wisconsin. If you are like most Americans, your car is an important part of your life! In fact, it is likely an essential tool to get you to and from work every day. Maintaining access to your vehicle is also possible throughout the application process as long as you pay your title loan payments when they are due.
  • No Hidden Fees or Prepayment Penalties: Transparency is an important part of any loan application. As mentioned earlier, there are no hidden fees or prepayment penalties with ChoiceCash title loans.1


A poor credit score does not happen overnight. If you have less than stellar credit, you may have a history of missed payments, bankruptcy, or high credit utilization. Regardless of the reason why you have bad credit, you likely know that it will be difficult for you to obtain approval for an unsecured loan or credit card with a bad credit score. This is largely due to the fact that most lenders will view you as a high credit risk, which means that your creditworthiness is low. While you may not be able to qualify for fast cash through an unsecured personal loan, a title loan can be a completely different story!

Getting bad credit title loans is possible because the application process is a lot more flexible in comparison to an unsecured loan. Applying for a ChoiceCash title loan in Milwaukee can be simple and straightforward – even if you have a bad credit score!1

It’s easy to feel insecure about your credit score if it is preventing you from reaching some of your financial goals. But you don’t need to let your credit score hold you back! Apply for a bad credit title loan today by calling 855-422-7402. With ChoiceCash title loans, qualified borrowers can receive their funds in as little as one business day!1

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You don’t have to visit a storefront location to apply for emergency cash assistance! If you decide to apply for a ChoiceCash title loan in Milwaukee, you can submit your loan request from the comfort of your home. Just use your smartphone, tablet, or computer to get started today! Fill out the online prequalification form or dial 855-422-7402 to speak to a ChoiceCash title loan officer and apply over the phone.1

If you are eligible for funding, you can choose to pick up your cash at a participating money transfer location in Milwaukee, get your funds added to an existing debit card, or choose direct deposit to get the funds transferred directly to your bank account!1

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