Alongside the picturesque shores of the Pacific Ocean lies the city of Long Beach, California! Living close to the water in California may afford breathtaking views, but not all aspects of life in the city of Long Beach are a breeze. According to the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, the average consumer in the city of Long Beach is around $107,832 in debt as of June 2022. In addition to causing financial stress, high amounts of debt can significantly impact a person’s financial stability and credit score. The average cost of rent in Long Beach is around $2,579, and the cost of living in California is 42% higher than the national average. If you need emergency cash to handle an unexpected expense or deal with the current cost of living in your area, you are not alone. A car title loan could be a viable solution to your financial woes, and the application process is streamlined to be a helpful resource to individuals like you who are experiencing a tough financial emergency. Through ChoiceCash title loans serviced by LoanMart, applying for car title loans in Long Beach, California, can be simple!1

With a California title loan, a qualified borrower will use a car title as collateral for the loan and access emergency funding. Typically, individuals can access anywhere from 25%-50% of their vehicle’s value through a Long Beach title loan if they meet the lender’s application criteria and obtain loan approval. Upon final approval, an individual can have their title loan money wired to them or added to an existing debit card. Through ChoiceCash title loans, qualified borrowers can get their funds in as little as one business day!1 If you are experiencing financial hardship and have declared bankruptcy, it is important to note that you will not be able to apply for a California title loan while in active Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Since U.S. auto title loans are secured, it is important to understand the potential consequences of defaulting on title loans. As soon as the loan is funded, a title lender will place a lien on a borrower’s title, and this lien is their legal right to the vehicle throughout the repayment process. If a borrower were to default on a loan, the lender would then be able to seize their vehicle.

Although many title lenders would prefer to avoid repossessing your vehicle and will try to work with you if you proactively communicate your financial hardship, know that you need to reach out to them before you default on the loan. Moreover, it’s also important to understand that you will be able to maintain access to your vehicle while paying off your title loan on time!

If you’re ready to apply for an online title loan in Long Beach, California, simply fill out a quick pre-approval form online today. While you will not be able to find title loans with guaranteed approval in Long Beach, filling out a short inquiry form on the ChoiceCash website will help you find out if you are eligible for instant pre-approval today!1


No matter whether you are applying for title loans in Long Beach, Anaheim, Los Angeles, Bakersfield, or another California metropolitan area, you must meet the lender’s application criteria and submit a few documents to obtain loan approval.1

The initial title loan requirements in Long Beach, California, are as follows:1

  1. Applicants Must be of Legal Age
  2. Prospective Borrowers Must Provide Sufficient Evidence of Their Ability to Repay the Loan
  3. Applicants Must Have a Title to a Qualifying Vehicle in Their Name

If you need emergency cash and are exploring a Long Beach title loan as an option, you may be wondering how to begin the process. While the application process can be started from your home by using a smartphone, tablet, or computer, you should know that in addition to filling out an online form and meeting the initial criteria, there are several pieces of paperwork that you will be required to present during your application. By gathering all of the necessary documents ahead of time, you can potentially expedite the process! Upon initial approval, you should prepare to submit the following documents when applying for an online title loan in Long Beach:1

  1. CA Vehicle Title: As previously stated, you must have a vehicle title in your name and possession at the time of your application. If your vehicle title is in your name, but you have lost or misplaced it, you can request a duplicate title when visiting your local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) office.
  2. Proof of Identity and Age: The second piece of documentation that you will need to provide is used to verify your age and identity. You will be asked to submit a valid, government-issued ID card, which can be a California driver’s license, a California state ID card, or a U.S. passport.
  3. Proof of Current Residence in California: In order to obtain a car title loan in the state of California, it will be necessary to verify your current address. You can choose to submit either a recent utility bill, lease agreement, or another piece of official piece of mail that was recently sent to your address in Long Beach.
  4. Car Information and Recent Photographs: Throughout the title loan application process, your car and its current condition are important elements that are considered by the title lender. Since you are essentially borrowing against the value of your vehicle through a title loan, the physical state of your car is essential and must be verified through an examination. If you are applying for an online title loan, be prepared to take and submit a few recent photographs of the interior and exterior of your vehicle in order to complete a vehicle inspection. For your reference, it is not possible to get title loans with no inspection in Long Beach, California. But, submitting a few photos of your car allows you to complete a virtual examination, which is much more convenient than a physical inspection. In addition to providing a few photographs of your car, you will need to provide basic information regarding your vehicle, such as its make, model, year, and current mileage listed on the odometer reading.
  5. Additional Documentation May be Required: California title loan borrowers will typically need to complete the lien holder section on the back of their vehicle’s title. That includes providing information about the name and address of the title loan lender and then signing the title.

After gathering all of these required documents in advance, you can conveniently apply for a California title loan!1 When applying for ChoiceCash title loans with no store visit in Long Beach, you can submit the required documents online or send them to a title loan agent via email or text message.1

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After you have required the necessary documentation for a car title loan, you may be wondering how much you will be able to obtain through this secured loan option. This information can be readily accessible by utilizing ChoiceCash’s online title loan calculator. The calculator will prompt you to provide the following information:1

  • The Number of Miles on Your Vehicle
  • The Model Year of Your Vehicle
  • Your Current State of Residence (California)
  • The Make and Style of Your Vehicle

By filling out the ChoiceCash title loan calculator, you can conveniently get a loan quote with absolutely no obligation!1


Out of all the states within the U.S., California ranks #3 in terms of consumers with the most household credit card debt. Large amounts of debt and high credit utilization can negatively affect your credit score. Without a strong credit history, it will be difficult to obtain approval for an unsecured personal loan and other types of credit.

However, when applying for a Long Beach car title loan, you will pledge your vehicle title as collateral for the loan, which makes the title loan application process a lot more flexible than unsecured loans. While you won’t be able to find a lender who offers title loans with no credit check in Long Beach, California, you should not let the credit check dissuade you from applying for the financial help you need! Getting bad credit title loans in Long Beach is possible. With ChoiceCash title loans serviced by LoanMart, bad credit is not an issue!1

Call 855-422-7402 or visit the FAQ page to learn more about applying for bad credit title loans in Long Beach, California.

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As a resident of California, you will be pleased to know that you can apply for a title loan online, and there’s no store visit required! Your loan process can begin completely online or over the phone with a title loan officer. To start off, you can call 855-422-7402 to speak with a ChoiceCash title loan agent directly. If you prefer to pursue this initial step online, you can fill out a short questionnaire to apply for an online title loan in Long Beach, California.1

By following this process, you can instantly find out if you are pre-approved for a ChoiceCash title loan serviced by LoanMart.1 If you receive final approval for a Long Beach title loan, you can choose to receive the funds electronically via direct deposit, pick up your funds at any participating money transfer location near you, or have the funds loaded onto a pre-existing debit card. Apply for ChoiceCash title loans with direct deposit in Long Beach today! Qualified borrowers can access their funds in as little as 24 hours.1

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