If you are a resident of Louisiana and need quick funding to cover an unexpected bill or expense, it can sound difficult! There are different ways to collect the money you need, but many of those could be challenging. You could always sell items online, but that can take a while before getting the cash. Sometimes people get two or more jobs to make ends meet, but that could be a lot to handle. You may have considered using a loan as a financial resource. The only problem is that most of them are difficult to obtain and expensive to afford!

Thankfully, ChoiceCash Title Loans offers an alternative loan option that many borrowers could take advantage of! By having the title to your vehicle, you could get the funds you need with speed and ease.¹ The reason why your car’s title is important with this loan type is because lenders use it as collateral. Not only would you secure a loan with it, but it also ensures lenders that you will be responsible for your repayment.

The ability to pay off a loan is another element that lenders consider before approving you. To prove that you can afford one, you could provide various forms of income that satisfy this requirement. Once you have everything they need, a loan agent could instantly approve you for funding.¹ Qualified borrowers could get money in as little as one business day!¹

ChoiceCash Title Loans, serviced by LoanMart, can assist customers across the United States, including Louisiana! You could benefit from a flexible approval process that is accessible online!¹ Does this sound like an ideal solution? Go online or call a representative today at 855-422-7402 to start on your title loans in Lafayette, Louisiana!


It’s easy to believe that when a person retires, they wouldn’t have to deal with as many problems as before. But unfortunately, people can still face issues during retirement. No matter what your current employment status is, unexpected expenses could still throw off anyone’s budget. If you’re a retiree struggling with a tough financial situation, you may be worried about not qualifying for title loans.

When you inquire about title loans in Lafayette with ChoiceCash Title Loans, a 9-5 job isn’t a necessary requirement.¹ As you may have read previously, you could use different forms of income to apply for the cash you need.1 For example, you could use pension income or bank statements as proof of income. Or, you can easily demonstrate your retirement income through bank statements to get approval from a loan agent.¹ If you have Social Security/Supplemental Security Income, ChoiceCash Title Loans could also accept that.

Being retired doesn’t exempt you from getting the financial assistance you need.¹ Go online to find out what else is required to obtain a title loan.


Life has many difficult moments that leave people with making hard decisions. Unfortunately, these decisions could affect your credit score and take off a few points. If you have poor credit and are looking for a loan, finding a lender willing to work with you could be a struggle. But, with auto title loans in Lafayette, your credit isn’t an essential factor for loan approval.¹ In fact, people from all different kinds of financial backgrounds could obtain title loans when inquiring with ChoiceCash Title Loans.¹

Loan agents focus more on these requirements during the approval process for a title loan:

  1. The Available Equity in Your Vehicle
  2. Reliable Income to Prove Your Ability to Pay Off a Title Loan

Borrowers can apply for funding by simply using their car’s title as collateral.¹ You may not have to deal with constant denials, unlike other loan options.¹ If you need quick funding with a flexible approval process, you may benefit from inquiring about title loans with ChoiceCash Title Loans!¹


You do not need to have a specific type of car to apply for a car title loan in Louisiana. But, you could get approved for auto title loans in Lafayette if your vehicle has enough positive equity.¹ Suppose you want to receive a high loan amount. In that case, you must have plenty of available equity in your vehicle and the income level to support that.¹ To obtain a significant portion of equity, your vehicle would need to have a lot of value.¹ So, if you maintain your car well enough, it could earn a desirable value rate.

It could be helpful to know your vehicle’s current equity before inquiring about title loans. You could find out if you need to improve your car’s condition to boost its value. If you aren’t aware of the equity in your vehicle, there are different tools you could use to find an estimate. Resources such as Kelley Blue Book can be helpful, but ChoiceCash Title Loans’ online calculator tool could be just as easy to use!¹ You could find an estimate of your vehicle’s equity and obtain a quote free of obligation within minutes!¹

The tool could be easy to access and utilize when you input the following details from your vehicle¹:

  • The Current Mileage on Your Car’s Odometer: Unfortunately, a vehicle with high mileage on the odometer can harm its value. The reason why is because lenders use a car’s mileage to determine its life expectancy and how long its engine can last. Although it can sound discouraging, don’t worry; your vehicle could still qualify for a title loan even with high mileage.¹
  • The Make, Model, and Style of Your Vehicle: It’s important to note that some makes or models hold more value than others. Popular makes or models often have a high-value rate, despite the car’s age. For example, Ford Mustangs hold a lot of market resale value. The vehicle’s style also adds to its worth. Style usually refers to its specific model types, such as sports cars, compact cars, station wagons, minivans, and other variations.
  • The Year of the Car: Newer cars tend to have more value than older models. One explanation is that recent models usually have low mileage, which contributes greatly to a car’s worth. But don’t worry if your vehicle is a little older; if you have maintained it well enough, it could still have enough qualifying equity!¹ Older cars that come from popular makes could also receive a high-value rate. Look up your vehicle’s title, VIN(Vehicle Identification Number), or registration if you don’t know the year of its release.
  • Any Cosmetic or Surface Damage Done to the Vehicle: A car’s condition is an essential factor that influences the loan amount you’d receive. Borrowers that maintain their vehicle could earn a lot of value on it!¹ So, the better the condition of your car, the more money you could potentially get.¹ If your car has minimal damage, you could still qualify for a title loan!¹ But be aware that you could receive less than cars in better shape.
  • Any Alterations or Modifications Done to a Car: Before you decide to modify your vehicle, it’s best to know if doing so could negatively affect its value. However, if you choose to upgrade your car’s engine or exhaust, its value could increase!

Once you find an estimate on your vehicle’s equity, call a representative from ChoiceCash Title Loans to see if you qualify!1 Take advantage of a convenient and flexible approval process to obtain quick funding!¹


Keep in mind that to get car title loans in Lafayette, the title to your vehicle has to be in your name. If you share a name on your title, there are some details you need to know. Car titles with an “AND” in-between names mean that all parties written on the title must submit their information. But, if there’s an “OR” in-between, you or the other member can do the entire inquiry process without the other present.

Borrowers that have lost or misplaced their title can contact a loan agent from ChoiceCash Title Loans to help them find out how to replace it, or request a transfer at their local OMV. But before you ask for a new car title in your name, you must have the following items to complete the title transfer:

  • Signed Certificate of Title
  • Government-Issued Photo ID
  • Cash or Another Method of Payment for the Transfer Fee
  • Completed Title Transfer Form
  • The Vehicle’s Current Registration Form

With this information, you could successfully acquire a new title in your name! If your car is not fully paid off yet, you may still qualify for a car title loan if it has enough equity.1


A title loan agent may request to inspect your car during the inquiry process. That can be inconvenient for many individuals since traditional loan options tend to conduct these inspections in person. Setting up an appointment with a lender could mean that you would have to wait a lot of time to get your funding. Not only that, but some lenders could take hours to complete the inspection. And in many instances, lenders spend days verifying your information before making a final decision. It’s inconvenient when you need emergency cash now!

Fortunately, loan options like ChoiceCash Title Loans work with technological advances that could significantly benefit you.1 Save the hassle of going anywhere for an inspection when you can do everything online!¹ You would only need to take clear photos of your car with its:

  • Front
  • Back
  • Sides
  • Current Odometer Reading
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN #)

Once these pictures are ready to go, you could simply send them online to a loan agent.¹ An agent could reach back to you in just a few minutes to continue the inquiry.¹

Each step of ChoiceCash Title Loans’ approval process could be as quick and easy as this.¹ Contact a representative today at 855-422-7402 for any questions or concerns about title loans in Lafayette, Louisiana.


It’s easy to inquire about title loans in Lafayette with ChoiceCash Title Loans!¹ There are plenty of benefits that borrowers like you could enjoy with a loan experience.¹

Take a look at some of the benefits you could take advantage of with ChoiceCash Title Loans!¹

  • Interest Rates Could Be Competitive¹: With ChoiceCash Title Loans, you could find that your interest rates are competitive!¹
  • Monthly Payments that May Decrease²: Wouldn’t it be good to be rewarded for being a responsible borrower? With ChoiceCash Title Loans, you could be rewarded with monthly payments and interest rates that may decrease.2
  • No Hidden Fees: Most loan options stun people with hidden fees. With loan options like ChoiceCash Title Loans, there are no prepayment penalties for wanting to pay a loan early.
  • Keep Your Keys: If your car serves as your primary source of transportation, you may be worried about what would happen to it. But don’t worry! Loan agents would only need to have your car’s title and not the vehicle itself. You could keep your vehicle as long as you make timely payments on your loan!¹
  • Convenient Online Process: You could easily inquire about a title loan with ChoiceCash Title Loans from the comfort of your home!¹ It would only take a few minutes to go through a convenient and flexible approval process.¹ Once a loan agent approves you for a loan, you could get cash in as little as 24 hours!¹


Are you ready to get the cash you need through title loans in Lafayette, Louisiana?1 Quickly inquire about one with ChoiceCash Title Loans today to get started!¹ Start by going online and submitting a short form or calling a representative at 855-422-7402.

A title loan agent may ask you to submit convenient information about yourself and your vehicle before getting cash!¹


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