Inquiring About Online Title Loans in Ohio Can Be Quick and Easy!

Experiencing a stressful financial emergency can happen to anyone. A bad storm could damage your property, a family member may need immediate medical attention, or perhaps you have to take an unexpected trip somewhere. Without a big cushion of savings underneath you, paying for emergencies is impossible for many people. 

If you find yourself in this situation, consider inquiring about a ChoiceCash car title loan serviced by LoanMart! You can learn about title loans in Ohio entirely online by filling out this inquiry form or calling 855-914-2945 to speak directly with a title loan agent. With an easy and flexible approval process, you can use the value in your car in exchange for potential same day funding!1 

As long as you have a qualifying vehicle and a couple of necessary documents, you could be approved within the same day as inquiring. Learn more about why Ohio’s title loan inquiry process is perfect for people with a bad credit history who need emergency cash! It can be easier than you think to find title loans online with direct deposit in Ohio.

What Are the Requirements for an Online Car Title Loan in Ohio?

Inquiring about an Ohio title loan can often be much easier than applying for traditional bank loans.1 The title loan requirements for title loans serviced by LoanMart are as follows:

  1. Must be 18 years or older
  2. Must have a qualifying vehicle title in your name 
  3. Must be able to show proof of income

In Ohio, a borrower must be 18 years old to inquire about a car title loan. Additionally, you must have a qualifying vehicle title in your name. If you are currently financing your vehicle, you may still qualify for a title loan- just reach out to a title loan agent at 855-914-2945 to learn more!1

Finally, you need to show proof of a steady income. You can do this by showing your pay stubs from work, but you don’t need to hold a traditional 9-5 position to qualify for a title loan!1 There are many alternative ways to prove your current income status. 

direct deposit money

How Does an Online Car Title Loan Work?

The online title loan inquiry process is simple. A borrower will put the title of their car up as collateral in exchange for funding. Since collateral is used to secure the loan, the lender has the legal right to repossess it if they stop making payments. Collateral helps to minimize the lending risk, so those from poor credit situations may qualify for funding.1 This is perfect for people with complicated financial histories! You can access a flexible approval process when inquiring about online auto title loans in Ohio.1

Typically, repossession is the last resort for most title loan lenders, but it does happen. If you’re worried about paying back your funds, you should reach out to your licensed lender as soon as possible. They can potentially help you access alternative solutions, like refinancing your loan.

Curious about how much cash you might qualify for? As an interested borrower, you should know how much equity is in your car because this amount will affect how much money you may receive. 

What is Car Equity?

Finding how much equity is in your car is easy enough. You subtract the amount of money you still owe on your vehicle from its overall worth on the market. If you don’t know how to do this on your own, you can always use this helpful online calculator tool! When you inquire about an auto title loan with ChoiceCash, it can give you a rough car equity estimate. 

If you own your car outright, the equity in your vehicle would be based on its current market value and condition. 

What Documents Do I Need for a Car Title Loan in Ohio?

You will need to gather a few documents to complete the inquiry process for a ChoiceCash car title loan serviced by LoanMart. The required documents are not complicated to find– they are pieces you would typically have on hand in your home. If you’re missing any of the paperwork for some reason, you can always reach out to the BMV in Ohio to find out more about the replacement process!

Government Issued Photo I.D.: 

You must show proof of your identity, and you can do so by using an Ohio state driver’s license, passport, or another form of government photo identification card. 

Proof of Residency: 

You must show proof of your residency to prove you live in Ohio. This can be done by using a piece of official mail, like a recent utility bill, mortgage statement, or bank statement sent to your home. Having these on hand will help further the approval process. 

Proof of Vehicle Title in Your Name: 

You must show evidence of a vehicle title in your name. You can do this by using the legal title to your car in your name. If it is not currently in your name, you may need to contact a title loan agent with ChoiceCash. They can often direct you to the steps you need to take to get your title in the right shape! Call 855-914-2945 today.

Proof of Steady Income: 

No matter your circumstances, you must show proof of a steady form of income to qualify for a car title loan. Title loan providers will want to know that you can pay back the funds without difficulty.

Below are examples of acceptable alternative income forms:

  • Social Security Benefits/SSI
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Self-Employment
  • Small Business Ownership
  • Retirement Income or Annuity Payments
  • Settlement Income 

Photos of Your Vehicle: 

Title loan providers want to see the vehicle that will be used as collateral to secure the funding. This is a good way for them to gauge what shape it’s in physically, the current condition, and to perform a virtual inspection! There is no need to visit a store in-person– a title loan agent can complete the assessment online with just a few clear photos with your smartphone. 

What Are the Advantages of an Online Title Loan in Ohio?

There are many advantages to choosing online title loans in Ohio! Besides the convenience of completing the entire inquiry process from the comfort of your own home, there are many additional benefits that Ohio residents can enjoy. If you’re looking for a flexible alternative loan option, there’s no better choice than an auto title loan!1 Your credit is not the most important part of the approval process either, although it is still considered.1  Learn about all the benefits of a ChoiceCash title loan below:

Flexible Loan Approval Process1

Even if you’ve struggled with your credit score in the past, you can rest easy knowing that your credit history won’t be the focus of the car title loan inquiry process.1 Many traditional loan options don’t accept people with past bankruptcies, bad credit scores, or significant debt from previous loans or credit cards. That’s because they use this information to decide the risk factor of lending to someone. 

The approval process for a car title loan can be flexible because collateral is used to secure the funding, which helps minimize that risk. The two factors that will matter the most are your ability to repay the loan and your vehicle’s equity. 

Additionally, you can show many alternative forms of income to prove that you can afford the monthly loan payment. A ChoiceCash title loan can be an excellent option for people from various backgrounds!1

Access to Quick Funding1:

When you experience financial emergencies, quick access to funding can be crucial. Not everyone has the option to borrow money from friends or family, so that’s where inquiring about auto title loans can come in handy for Ohio residents. 

Traditional bank loans from financial institutions can take days or a week to approve and aren’t a good option for someone with a poor credit score that needs quick funding. Ohio title loans are a much better choice if you find yourself in this situation! Qualified borrowers may receive access to their funding within the same business day of inquiring1

Qualified borrowers can gain access to their funding through a few options! You could:

  • Choose direct deposit
  • Get a check in the mail
  • Head to a participating money transfer location to pick up in-person

Higher Loan Amounts: 

The difference between car title loans and other options, like payday loans or personal loans, is the potential to get a higher funding amount if your collateral has a significant amount of equity to borrow from. The maximum and minimum loan amounts are not very high with payday loans! In most cases, they are only a couple of hundred dollars to hold someone over until the next paycheck. Additionally, you may not qualify for the cash you need through a personal loan if your credit history is not up to par. 

The amount of money you may receive from a car title loan, on the other hand, is contingent on how much value your car holds and your income! 1 This means you may be eligible for a potentially higher funding amount if you meet the right criteria.1

Keep Driving Your Car:

One of the most significant advantages to inquiring about car title loans serviced by LoanMart is that qualified borrowers can continue driving their cars during the entire repayment process. Just make sure to make each payment on time each month! If you’re in a challenging financial situation and require quick funds, giving your car away until you repay the loan isn’t very convenient. 

Many Ohio residents rely on their cars for transportation during their daily lives, and as long as you follow the agreed-upon payment schedule, you will have total access!

Disadvantages to a Car Title Loan 

The disadvantages of inquiring about a car title loan come with the same risks as any loan. As a borrower, you must understand all the possibilities of financial decisions. Knowing about potential risks and using available resources is the best way to potentially avoid these situations!

Car Repossession:

The title loan provider will become the lienholder for the duration of your repayment process. That means they hold legal rights if you default on your loan for some reason or you have too many missed payments. This is a risk worth considering, but this is usually the last resort that anyone takes! If you’re struggling with making payments, you should communicate this with your title loan provider, and you may be able to work out an agreement. 

Lowered Credit Score:

As with taking out any loan, missing payments on a car title loan can negatively affect your credit score. You can avoid this by setting up automatic payments through your bank account! That way, the money can be withdrawn at the correct time each month without worrying about anything. 

What Can I Use My Online Title Loan Funding For?

After you’ve met the basic requirements for online loans, gathered the correct loan documents, and have passed the approval process, you are probably wondering what you can use your loan proceeds for! 

Most people want to solve their financial troubles by paying for outstanding debts or medical bills. But you can put your money towards anything you want! Title loan funding can also be used for fun or exciting things. You could consider using it towards:

  • Taking a trip somewhere warm
  • Making home improvements
  • Buying something you’ve always wanted

Sure, inquiring about an online title loan in Ohio is an excellent option for people who need money during an emergency, but there are no limits to what this funding can do for you. With the convenient option of direct deposit into your account for qualified borrowers, you can gain access to your money quickly and do whatever you want!1

Inquire About an Online Title Loan in Ohio Today!

Applying for an online title loan in Ohio has never been easier. You can begin inquiring anywhere you have access to the internet, which means you don’t need to go through the hassle of finding a store in your area. As long as you meet the basic requirements of being 18 years or older, have a car title in your name, and can show proof of income, you will be ready to go! 1

The approval process can often be flexible and open to people from different financial backgrounds. A car title loan could be your best answer if you’re struggling with a bad credit score. Qualified borrowers may receive access to funding within the same business day of inquiring, which means you could get the financial help when you need it most.1 You can easily get a direct deposit to your bank account! It has never been easier to find title loans online with direct deposit in Ohio.

If you are approved for an online title loan in Ohio, you have many convenient options for repaying the funding! You could consider:

  • Make payments through direct deposit from your account
  • Send a check in the mail
  • Visit a participating money transfer location to make payments in person

Don’t let a stressful financial situation ruin your life. You can use the value as collateral for quick funding if approved for a ChoiceCash car title loan! The inquiry and approval process is quick and easy and can take place online. You can begin by filling out this inquiry form or calling 855-914-2914 to speak directly with a title loan agent.